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Safe in the Womb: How Mothers Can Keep Their Unborn Child Healthy

Keeping an unborn child healthy is something many mothers will obsess about. Most of the safety tips are common sense by now. Everyone knows to not use drugs, drink or smoke, and they know nutrition and vitamins are a must. One thing that has never been discussed is using ultrasounds at all stages to monitor the baby’s health and progress. Mothers have been given the idea that one ultrasound at 20 weeks to determine the sex. The four sections below will discuss a number of ways mothers can improve the health of their child in the womb.

Locate or Insist on a Nurse with Training on all Cutting Edge Techniques

As a pregnant mother, most medical offices understand and even expect you to want to be attended to by the best trained doctors and nurses available. Fortunately, the educational programs responsible for producing assisting medical staff have been constantly updating their curriculum to ensure the primary safety and comfort of the unborn child and the mother.

For example, Regis College and similar institutions have been very successful in turning out these type of graduates with degrees such as from online DNP nursing programs. Graduates from these schools are taught to place prime importance on the safety of an unborn child.

Sonograms are Necessary Procedures to Determine the Health of the Unborn Child

Sonograms, better known as ultrasounds, are a chance to see the baby for the very first time. It is a joyful experience, and many people celebrate it as a milestone. It is more important than a picture though. Sonograms can also identify potential health concerns, giving doctors a chance to employ medical treatments.

It Is Paramount to Get an Ultrasound Done, Which is Also Known as a Sonogram

The ultrasound will give the first image of the baby or babies, but the reason it takes so long is to make sure the baby is in good condition. The scan reveals everything. The size of the fetus is taken, and every appendage on the fetus is measured to see if growth is normal for everything and growth sizes are appropriate with the age of the fetus because the ultrasound can also determine the age and give a more spot on due date. It can also spot problems and abnormalities.

Problems or Positives the Ultrasound can Show That Might Help at Birth

A first trimester ultrasound can detect the size, determine if there is more than one fetus and give an estimate on age, which aids in determining a due date. Also, the ultrasound at this stage can give an idea to the mother on whether or not there is a chromosome defect like Down Syndrome.

It is not a diagnosis, but it does give the green flag for different tests to be done. The next trimester’s ultrasound will give another, but more accurate age estimate, and it will look at the position of the baby, placenta and umbilical cord in the parents want an amniocentesis or a sample of blood from the umbilical cord.

If there is an ultrasound done in the final trimester it is mostly to check the size and position like before because the baby is coming soon. A good example for why this is a good idea is the activity of the baby, so the sonogram would make sure the cord is not around the neck. The final reason is a bit upsetting especially if the pregnancy was hard, but a final ultrasound could be done to make sure the fetus is still alive.

Ultrasounds are painless and can be done as many times as a parent or doctor sees fit. Monitoring activity through each trimester might be a smart move for someone expecting. Consult with the doctor delivering and work out a schedule to make sure the baby comes out as healthy as possible or is ready to receive the best medical care as soon as possible if the ultrasounds detected a problem.

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