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Safety First! 4 Crucial Rules Your Children Should Follow at Home

One of your primary jobs as a parent may be enforcing safety rules in your home. After all, you are your child’s first and best teacher. Here are four safety rules that you may want to consider enforcing.

Use Sharp Objects Carefully

Depending on the age of your child, you may want to teach them to leave sharp objects like knives, scissors and skewers alone. As the child matures, then teach them how to carry the objects with the sharp point towards the floor. Also, teach children to always cut away from themselves. Be constantly vigilant so that children learn to never leave sharp objects where younger children can touch them. Teaching children to safely handle sharp objects or to leave them alone is essential because it may avoid a trip to the emergency room for stitches.

Know the Emergency Plan

Each child should be taught how to exit each room in the home at least two different ways. Children should also be taught where to meet other family members should a fire occur. Of course, every parent hopes that they never have to use the plan, so make sure that children are taught not to play with fire. They should also be taught to watch for paper and other flammable material around an open flame. While it takes constant work on the part of parents, hopefully, the result is that the home remains standing.

Use the Emergency Release on the Garage Door When Necessary

Unfortunately, about 26 children are killed by garage doors annually. It is important to teach children never to play with the garage door remote or with the garage door. As children get older, teach them where the emergency release for the garage door is located. Then, if someone else gets pinned by the door, they can release it. If your children have been in the habit of playing with the garage door, put a stop to this immediately. Then, contact a company, like R & S Garage Door, to make sure that the garage door is operating properly to avoid any hazardous pinning problems that could possibly happen in the future.


Children should be taught when to call 911 in an emergency. At the same time, they should be instructed to never call it when they are playing. While you will want to teach children to never open the door for a stranger, they should be taught to let the police in quickly. They should also be taught to follow instructions given to them by first responders. While every parent hopes that their children never need to interact with a responder in an official position, children should be taught that these public servants are friends.

It may seem that you are spending most of your days keeping your kids out of trouble, teaching these safety rules can help keep everyone safer. Use these ideas to help you create your own safety rules in your home.

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