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Sandwich Satisfaction: 5 Sandwiches Your Kids Will Love

Happy kids having a healthy snack in their room

Happy kids having a healthy snack in their room

Sandwiches have been a lunchtime favorite of kids for ages. Since they generally require little preparation and few ingredients, they are an easy go-to for mom or dad to make in the morning for their child’s school day lunches. Here are five sandwiches your kids are sure to love.

Cucumber and Cream Cheese

Cucumber and cream cheese is an easily assembled sandwich that requires only three ingredients. Spread a good amount of cream cheese on a slice of bread and then pile on slices of cucumber. If your child doesn’t eat dairy, there are dairy free and vegan cream cheeses available at most grocery stores. Add some fruit and nuts to your kid’s lunch to make a complete meal.

Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Banana

This all-time classic is made even better with the addition of banana. You can play around with different types of nut butters or jam as well. If your child has a peanut allergy, or their school doesn’t allow peanut butter, you can use cashew butter, almond butter, or sunflower butter. Almond butter and raspberry jam is a particularly delicious combination. Add some carrot sticks and pretzels to this meal to make it a well-balanced lunch.

Grilled Cheese

Another time tested kid favorite, a classic grilled cheese is always a good option. You can also mix it up and add in different vegetables and proteins for a more well-balanced sandwich. Lactose intolerant or dairy-free kids can enjoy one of the many commercially available non-dairy cheeses like Daiya or Follow Your Heart. Include an apple, whole wheat or regular crackers, and some nuts to complete the meal.

Pizza Subs

This is a good option for a fun meal at home. Buy a baguette and warm it in the oven with marinara sauce, cheese, and whatever pizza toppings your kids love. When it is ready, you have then slice it into pieces for everyone to enjoy. It’s a tasty sandwich that requires little preparation and easy clean up.


BLTs are a great sandwich to make on any kind of bread. Simply use bacon, lettuce, tomato and whatever types of condiments that your child enjoys. Avocado is a great addition to this sandwich as well, to give it some extra healthy fat. If you want more of a gourmet sandwich, like those found at Pickleman’s Gourmet Café, add vegetables like sprouts, onions, and peppers. If your child doesn’t eat meat or you want to make this sandwich healthier, substitute tempeh. You can buy Tofurky’s maple bacon tempeh at many grocery stores. Add some fruit and your child is ready for lunch.


Whether you have picky eaters or not, sandwiches are very versatile lunch that is an easy go-to. It’s fairly easy to accommodate food preferences or allergies with the many different options for sandwiches.

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