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Scrap Metal Donations Help Those In Need

Inter-Faith Community Services is proud to announce a new fundraising partnership with Mile High Donor Services. This partnership means we can now turn scrap metal into a tax-deductible cash donations which helps those in need!

MHDS collects scrap metal and turns it into cash donations for charities like IFCS. Scrap metal includes many items like old cars, airplanes, mining equipment, silos, real estate renovation or clean-up. You may not even be aware that you have an item that can be turned into a donation.

How It Works

Mile High Donor Services says they will schedule an appointment to visit your location. While they are there, they can help look over the item and any other items that can be donated. Next, they will assess the value of the items, provide the necessary paperwork and schedule a time to take possession of the item (if necessary). In many cases, a title is not needed to donate a mechanical asset.

Once the product has been weighed and graded as to its scrap value, it is destroyed and turned into cash which is transferred to Inter-Faith Community Services. Learn more about the process by visiting

Please let us know if you have a referral for old used cars and machinery, personal and industrial items that have a raw materials value, or heavy metals waste. There are so many ways to give and benefit the community.

Let IFCS help YOU clean up and remove those large metal items that get in the way. Feel free to view the MHDS website or consult with them to see if your donation would benefit Inter-Faith Community Services. You may call MHDS directly at 720-329-4895 / 720-218-3396 or by calling the IFCS Office.

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