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Season of Bloom: How Can Your Family Ready the Home for Springtime?

Spring offers a wonderful chance for refreshment. It is a great time to work together as a family to generate ideas and make improvements. Various home projects are made manageable and enjoyable when everyone works together. Read on for some great ideas to ready your home for springtime.

Interior Adjustments

Take a look around and think about how to make the interior decorations promote the signs of the season. Perhaps it is time to switch out heavy textured or dark colored curtains, bedspreads, and even wall hangings to correspond with warmer temperatures and a lighter, airier atmosphere. Lighter curtains and lampshades also lender to a breezier feeling. Add some plants and you will make the inside of your home say springtime as well.

Freshen up the Yard

Think of ways to maximize your outdoor time. Do you need additional seating? Perhaps a hammock or an insulated beverage tub would lend an inviting atmosphere. If you have appropriate tree spacing, hang a hammock. Clean up garden areas and evaluate any pruning or replanting needs. Apply a new layer of mulch and start a compost area if you don’t already have one.

Evaluate Energy Efficiency

Changing temperatures can correlate with changing energy costs. Consider using a programmable thermostat and indoor fans. Schedule your HVAC system for a spring maintenance appointment. Professionals, like those at Classic Air and Heating, know that this preventative move is essential for optimal performance and for identifying any problems that need to be addressed. Seal any caulking cracks and get ready to cook outdoors as much as possible.

Clear Out Clutter

Clutter makes the family feel overwhelmed and closed in. Spring is the time to breathe deep and let go of excess possessions. Have each family member go through bedroom closets and get rid of clothing that doesn’t fit properly or isn’t being worn. Assign teams of family members to various house locations such as the garage, attic, and common closets to do the same. If you are attempting to meet a financial goal, consider holding a yard sale to generate some extra income while cleaning up the home interior.

Enjoy this energizing time of year and feel the momentum gained by getting your home ready for a change. Enjoy fresh air, sunshine, birds singing, and plants budding and blooming. By getting your home ready, you are also getting your attitude ready for a time of happiness, and peaceful productivity. Work together and get ready to bloom as a family.

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