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See the Sights: 4 Tips to Having the Best Family Vacation yet

Before you pack up the tents and sleeping bags, we want you to think about doing something different this year. Your family vacation is meant to be a memory for a lifetime. Why not choose an option that you would never pick? If your family is bored with the same vacation spot or you just want to add some excitement to the agenda, then we have a few ideas that might help.

Let Everyone Pick a Spot and Share the Load

Choose a destination where there are many entertainment, recreational, and sporting venues nearby. Let each member of the family choose a place to visit as the main trip for the day. To keep things from getting out of hand or expensive, limit the cost of admission or the distance from your overnight destination.

To make sure that you are not the one doing all the work, give each child or vacation member a list of tasks to help prepare for the trip. You can also make a list for the vacation like who is responsible for taking out the trash or making snacks. Including the family in all of the vacation details will ensure that the trip is a vacation for all of you.

Plan Together and Alone Time

While spending quality time together is ideal, you may also want some time alone as parents or as individuals. Schedule downtime for your vacation like going to the beach, taking a trip to the spa, or walking different trails. Sometimes, a little quiet time can help you re-center yourself and get back to making memories. You have all day to spend with the kids, so why not take a little time in the evening to sip a glass of wine under the stars or visiting a restaurant with a live band while the kids stay back at camp with the grandparents.

Give up the Camping Gear for One Year

Have you heard of glamping? Think of it like camping on steroids. Going with an RV rental through rv financing instead of the tent this year may start a whole new tradition. With so many choices, you may not know what to pick. If you are worried about the cost, then you can take out a loan to pay for the trip. That way you can make payments on your vacation and not have to worry about coming up with all the cash at once. This option can free up funds giving you the chance to rent water skis or go to a destination you never thought you would visit.

Plan Ahead for Changes

To make sure that your vacation is the best one yet, you have to account for problems, delays, and changes. Nothing ever goes exactly as you plan, but with a little wiggle room in the itinerary, your family will have the time to do everything you want and keeps stress levels to a minimum. Conversely, when you plan in extra time, and things go right, you might want to have a list of backup ideas. This list will come in handy when destinations close or plans change at the last minute. Then, you will not have to deal with the “I am bored” looks while you scramble to find something else to do.

Creating an amazing vacation is easy with some clever ideas. Involve the whole family to make everyone feel like he or she is part of the experience. Keeping open time in the schedule for unexpected turns is always a wise idea. So, rent an RV that you never would buy, and take the trip of a lifetime. Your family will always remember the year that you went out of your way to make the time special.

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