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Separation Anxiety: Is Saving Your Marriage Worth Your Energy?

separation-anxiety-is-saving-your-marriage-worth-your-energyWhen you walk down the aisle to get married, divorce is probably the furthest thing from your mind. The wedding, honeymoon, and perhaps the first year or so afterward are like a dream that couldn’t get any better. Inevitably, through time and differences, you may be faced with the same decision as many couples across the world. Should you work to save your marriage or throw in the towel and get a divorce? The answer you give to this question can change the rest of your life, so make sure to think it through before taking any action.

Saving a Marriage
In almost all situations, it is worth trying to save your marriage. You might have property, assets, or even children together, and separation might just be more of a pain than you realize. There are so many avenues of reconciliation to explore and many are affordable and accessible to couples across the world. If you and your spouse are facing issues dealing with communication, conflict resolution, finances, or even intimacy, couples counseling can be a huge help. Find a reputable therapist who can help you talk through your problems. It might require more energy and time than it does to file for divorce, but the end result could be that you rekindle the love you had on your wedding day.

Get a Divorce
There are some irreconcilable differences that could be too painful and dangerous to work through with your partner. Situations involving abuse or infidelity cause an extreme amount of hurt and distrust in a relationship that might not be able to be repaired. If you are the victim of emotional, verbal, or physical abuse from your spouse, your first step needs to be to get to a safe place before thinking through your option of divorce. Ramsden Lawyers usually recommend getting a protection order in this situation. This type of extreme situation may not be rectified through counseling and may warrant hiring a lawyer and going through the process of a legal separation. Also, if your spouse has been unfaithful this could be something that may be too painful and difficult to move past and thus might pave the way for a divorce as well.

There is no easy way to decide if your marriage is worth trying to save or if you and your partner have come to the end of your time together. Think through your decision carefully, as it is likely permanent. In most cases it is worth at least trying to save your marriage before signing divorce papers, but there are some situations where it is best to part ways before any further damage is done.

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