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Shower Time: 4 Ways To Moderate Your Child’s Bathing Routine

When it’s time for your child to take a bath or a shower, you might discover that the child spends more time in the water than getting ready for bed. At times, this might be a good thing as it means that the child is getting as clean as possible. If you are paying for the water that you use in the home, then there are some things that you can do to moderate the shower time while still making sure the child is bathed.

Make It Fun
When it comes to taking a bath, most children want to play in the water. Most of the time, you can offer a few bath toys that the child can play with for a little while before the child gets bored of being in the water. Plastic containers and lids often work well if you don’t want to get toys.

Lower Temperatures
If your child takes a shower, then consider getting a plumbing company like HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric to install a timer on the hot water or on the shower so that the hot water will only last for a short time. Once the child figures out that the hot water won’t be on long and that it’s not fun taking a cold shower, the bathing routine will go by a little faster.

Prepare For Production
Set out your child’s pajamas and other items that are needed for when the shower or bath is over. This will give your child something to look forward to after washing. The child can organize the things that are needed for after bathing. Make sure a towel is included with the supplies. Preparation will help the child learn about being responsible and not forgetting anything that is needed.

Set a device that plays music to play a few fun songs that will last for the length of time that you think is appropriate for taking a shower or bath. When the child hears the final song on the list, it’s an indication that the child needs to be almost finished with bathing. Listening to music can sometimes make bathing faster, especially if there are upbeat songs used.

Taking a bath doesn’t have to be boring as you can add toys to the child’s water. It doesn’t have to take forever, either, as you can set timers and play music for the child to end bathing without wasting water. Let the child make as many decisions as possible as this will carry over to when the child is a teenager and adult.

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