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Showing Others Love This Christmas: 5 Places You’ll Want to Visit

Sometimes people give gifts to those that are close to them to show their love. However, many people are lonely and need extra love around the holiday season. It will make your Christmas brighter if you take time to visit some of these people this Christmas: 

Share the love during the holidays by visiting these places.

Sick Children

While your children are opening gifts on Christmas morning, some children will be in the hospital. They would love a visit from you. Greet them with a cheerful smile, a bundle of balloons or a game so they can pass their hours in bed or to ease their treatment.

Elderly People

Senior living homes are full of elderly people who wish daily for a short visit from loved ones. Christmas is a particularly lonely time for these people who remember times of celebration in which they can no longer take part. Pay a visit to an elderly loved one or even a stranger. Give them a warm blanket or a homemade treat if they do not have dietary restrictions.

Public Safety Officials

Unless he has an emergency on Christmas Day, no one thinks much about those keeping communities safe while others are celebrating. Fire fighters, police officers and medical care providers do their jobs during the holiday season just as they do every day. Stop by a fire station with some cookies or go caroling at the police station as thanks for the hard work these people do to keep others safe.

A Homeless Shelter

During a time of plenty and feasting, it is easy to forget those who have little or nothing to eat. While you may not know anyone directly who will be hungry this Christmas, there are many relief organizations which work tirelessly to provide for those who have little. Volunteer to serve at a soup kitchen or give some of your unused coats and quilts to a homeless shelter.

A Crisis Pregnancy Center

Making the decision to care for an unplanned child requires bravery and support from others. Reach out to your local crisis pregnancy center by donating your child’s extra toys or your old maternity clothes. These women often feel very alone, and your encouraging words will mean a lot during a season when families gather.

Focusing on others this Christmas will not only benefit them, but it will make your Christmas more joyful as well. Involve your family and reach out in love. You will find yourself more grateful for the abundance you have when you share some of it with others.


April Labarron is a native of Southern California. She has her BA in English/Literature from MSJC in Menifee, Ca. She views her freelance writing, not only as a career, but as her passion. Other areas of interest include; movies, food, singing, soccer, traveling, shopping and a continuous desire for learning.   She lives on her own and is accompanied by her Pomeranian named, Elvis. She currently resides in Temecula, CA. 

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