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Sick Day: What you Can do To Make Your House More Health Friendly

Calling in sick costs you time and money. Safeguarding and keeping your house free of germs can improve your health, quality of life, and budget. By making a few simple changes to your routine, and the types of products you use, you can improve the quality of your health. Follow a few basic house cleaning and organizing tips to make your home a haven from the clutter, noise, and distractions of the outside world, as well as protecting your immune system in the cold winter months.

Organizing Clutter
Clutter doesn’t just create a messy appearance, it can affect your health. Disorganized electronics, cords hanging about, and blinking lights can affect your levels of stress and attract dust. Take a few minutes to tuck cords away, and purchase furniture that has extra storage space to keep your belongings organized. Make a place for everything so you’re not constantly tripping over a stack of junk.

The Right Stuff
Paper towels and cloths often push dust around, and don’t really clean your home. Use microfiber towels to grab that dust and swoop it out of your life forever. Microfiber cloth grabs onto dirt and remove it from surfaces so your house stay cleaner longer. Additionally, since you can wash a microfiber cloth, you save money on paper towels and other disposable cleaning supplies.

Kill the Chemicals
We’re not just talking about the chemicals you find in your cleaning supplies; although, you should consider getting rid of those and replacing them with natural alternatives. The types of chemicals we’re talking about are the furniture and rugs in your home that might actually be emitting volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. Paint, foam, carpet, and bedding can contain VOCs. A high risk pregnancy doctor, Gilbert Webb recommends when buying new furniture and items for your home, favor those that state they have no VOCs, no carcinogens and low odor, especially before bringing a new baby home. You can also leave your furniture in a well-ventilated room for a week before bringing it into your home if you’re unsure about its state.

Change Filters
Don’t just change your filters, replace them with high-efficiency filters designed to reduce allergens and dust. Not only can you save money on your heating and cooling bill, you can also improve the quality of the air in your home by using a better filter. Dust, mold spores, pollen and pet dander can all be removed from the air by choosing a slightly more expensive filter.

Avoiding the doctor should be a primary concern for people that want to improve their health. When you keep your home clean and organized, you can decrease your levels of stress, and reduce the likelihood of getting sick in the first place.

Information Credit: Mercy Hospital

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