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Single Dads: 5 Masters Degrees You Can Pursue Online

Are you a single father looking to continue your education but don’t think you can find a Master’s program that meets your schedule? The process for earning your master’s degree can actually be easy and the rewards in today’s competitive work environment speak well for themselves. Here are five popular and well-paying career paths that offer a range of options when pursuing a master’s degree online.

1. Construction Management

If you have experience in construction, you should definitely consider this degree path. There are a number of online masters programs headed by some of the country’s top universities. Managers earn a significantly higher wage than do laborers or technicians ($90,000 per year on average).

2. Accounting

Do you have a good head for math? If so, accounting may just be the right master’s degree program for you. It is a great degree to pursue as it can open up a wide job market you’re your graduation. It is also a job market that will allow you to be able to provide for your kids. It can even allow you to be home every night to spend time with your kids too. Average pay for accountants tops $60,000 per year, making it a well-compensated career with plenty of job security. Obtaining an online masters in accounting also prepares you for certification if you haven’t been certified already as an undergrad.

3. Network Administration

Do you have good technical skills and a bachelors in any applied science? If so, you could be able to matriculate into an online masters in this field and earn your degree in as little as a year. Average pay for network administrators is around $70,000 per year to start, and a majority of network and systems administrators are perpetually fully employed – no volatile contract situations like in other IT fields.

4. Criminal Justice and Law

If you have a military or police background and an undergrad degree in pre-law or criminal justice, this is a great field to consider for an online masters. An online master’s degree in law or criminal justice can often be completed within a year but some can take as long as two, depending on the branch of study. The average annual salary in these fields can range from about $50,000 per year to well into six-figure range.

5. Pharmacy

Pharmacology is a growing occupation with average wages starting at the equivalent of over $50 per hour. Which comes out to well over $100,000 per year. If you already hold a pharmacy degree, you can pursue an online MBA in Pharmacology as well as several other related master’s degree paths.

Being a single father is never easy. It takes a lot of effort to make sure that your children are well provided for. If the task seems like a barrier to your career advancement, consider an online master’s degree. It can help a busy single dad like you break free of some of those constraints while still leaving adequate time for work and family.

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