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Single Parents: 5 Degrees that are Guaranteed Money Makers for Your Family

There are plenty of opportunities out there for anyone who wants a better life and a stronger income. This list of five degrees is perfect for single parents who want guaranteed security and success. Check out this overview of various industries to understand some of the most helpful degrees available.


Education is a valuable career for anyone with a passion for learning and helping others. Especially with online teaching opportunities, it’s possible to earn well without leaving the home or relocating. Depending on your past experience, you may even be able to pursue a specialization that keeps you ahead of the competition.

Web Design

If you have an eye for design, consider this practical yet accessible career. With a degree in web design, you can prepare to serve businesses all around the world. Whether you’re creating a landing page that converts visitors into customers or you’re designing the next big social media, this career is sure to pay well.

Computer Science

Pursing an online master’s degree in computer science may just be the key to your future financial security. As one of the most in-demand fields out there, computer science is simply the most practical industry for single parents. Although it can be challenging, that’s what keeps the opportunities flowing. With a solid foundation of theory and training, you’ll be ready to develop software, solves problems and more.


The medical field may not be for everyone, but it certainly isn’t going anywhere. The world will never stop needing nurses, making this a great opportunity for anyone who wants a secure career that pays well. With a wide variety of programs (starting at two-year associate degrees), it’s possible to see a solid income in a relatively short amount of time.


If you’re savvy with numbers and have a solid business sense, a degree in finance may be for you. Whether you prepare reports or conduct market research, your work will be both fulfilling and monetarily rewarding. In this stable career, you can expect to make a yearly salary of at least $50k upon finding your first job.

It’s no question whether being a single parent is a lot of work. That’s why it’s more important than ever to pursue a degree that pays you back. If you’re interested in anything from education to computer science, you’re sure to have a thriving career ahead of you.

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