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Six Role Models Your Kids Really Need

Role models are crucial for children, they help to sculpt almost every area of their lives. From professional and career goals to morals and values, a role model is someone who children can strive to be like. Here are six role models your kids really need in their life. 


This is by far the most obvious, and most important. Children learn from their parent’s behaviors, not from their words. Discussing moral codes, values, and teaching your children to be accepting and kind towards others is one of the best lessons you can teach them. At the end of the day, you are always going to be their biggest role model. 


Few people spend as much time with your child as you and their teachers. For this reason, teachers who practice kindness, demonstrate positive behaviors and morals, and have a good honor code should be one of your children’s role model. You should encourage and foster this relationship and encourage your child to be respectful of their teachers. 

Elected Leaders 

Many children want to be like their town mayor or the president. Blind faith in elected leaders should never be encouraged, but elected leaders who have strong principals and demonstrate grace and kindness are wonderful role models for children. They also have leadership skills that children can strive to mimic that can help them immensely in their adult years. Encourage study and meeting some local leaders to help kids form their own opinion of elected leaders and role models.

Police Officers 

What child doesn’t grow up wanting to be a police officer? It’s a standard answer for children to say they want to be a police officer or fire fighter when they grow up, and for great reason. People in these professions are naturally helpful, protective, and honorable. All of these are excellent characteristics to encourage in your child. See if you can introduce them to someone in a similar line of work who is an example of these values.

Social Workers 

This is one career field that is often overlooked, undervalued, and underpaid. Social workers come in all areas of the community, from children’s centers to schools, hospitals, and more. With their knack for helping others, listening, and truly caring, it only makes sense that a social worker would be a great role model for children. 


Volunteers, such as those in programs like Big Brother Big Sister, are a blessing. They teach kindness and compassion to children and give them feelings of acceptance and worth. These after school programs, led by volunteers, are great ways for kids to stay engaged in their community and learn the morals and values held by volunteers within their community. 

These are just a few great role models for children, but your child may have a favorite sports star, musician, or artist that they aim to be like. No matter who your child’s role model is, if they possess admirable qualities, you can’t go wrong.

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