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Six School Safety Tips to Train Your Kids On

six-school-safety-tips-to-train-your-kids-onChildren are safer when armed with the right safety procedures. Parents can’t be with their children 24 hours a day. However, training your kids on the following school safety tips kids will help protect them during an emergency or undesirable event when they are away from home. Make sure all your children are ready with these tips to help stay safe and protected when out on their own.

Safety Procedures When Waiting for the Bus

Parents and teachers are respected advocates of bus safety rules. Reduce accidents by teaching the important rules to follow while waiting for the bus. Tell kids why they should stay at the bus stop instead of wandering off. Discuss the dangers of roughhousing and reckless behavior at the stop or on the bus. Practice lining up in an orderly fashion when the bus nears. Remind children not to approach the bus until it stops and the driver opens the door. Teach kids how to correctly walk around to the doors if on the other side of the street.

Encourage Children to Participate in Training Safety

Children pick up school safety tips by listening to adults and students alike. Let them share in the lesson by explaining why using the handrail to board the bus is a safety rule. They usually provide valuable reasons for not pushing and shoving while getting on the bus. Have them teach you the right way to exit and enter a bus. A lawyer for auto-ped accidents says this is the best way to have kids is to stay prepared on their own.

Emergency Contacts and School Rules of Safety

Help your children memorize their full name and address in addition to your best contact number. Teach older children an additional contact name and number. Parents and teachers should go over procedures for lockdowns several times a year as well. Hold a test drill at home to reinforce correct responses.

Fire Drill Guidelines

Know school fire drill requirements and practice drills with the kids. They are more confident when they know what to do when the fire alarm sounds. Remind them to form a line behind the group leader. Explain the purpose of roll call once the group arrives at their appointed spot. Be proactive in making fire safety tips an important part of the school’s agenda.

Stay Away from Strangers

Encourage your child to be safety-conscious before, during and after school. Review safety tips like backing away from strangers and screaming for help if threatened. Identify neighborhood safe places where your child can go for help.

Follow Plans

An important school safety tip is knowing where your child is. Tell them why it is important to ask you if it’s okay to change plans before it is done. Have them know where and when to call you if their plans do change.

It takes a lot of studying to sort through the right rules for behavior, attendance and expectations. As a parent, you may want to contact a lawyer about your child’s rights in school, especially when it comes to safety.

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