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Six Skills Every Child Should Learn By The Time They Start School

So much emphasis is placed on teaching children their ABCs and 123s that it is easy to lose focus on skills that children truly need before they start school. Learning skills like getting along with peers and doing self care tasks before entering school go a long way toward helping a child feel comfortable in the classroom.

Having courage to try something new

School is full of new experiences. Instead of being fearful, your child can learn to view them as exciting adventures. Put your child in swim lessons at a young age, suggest the professionals at USA Management. Learning to swim not only gives children lifelong skills, but it helps them see that new things can be fun and make them feel proud.

Getting along with others

Natural family dynamics give children their first exposure to getting along with others. However, sibling squabbles do not fully prepare them for a classroom full of same age peers. Join play groups or find local open gym times to give your child a chance to navigate friendships.

Advocating for self

Children need the skills and self confidence to communicate their needs to adults. These skills can be practiced during family outings. For example, while out at a friend’s house, encourage your child to ask where the bathroom is located rather than you doing it.

Performing self care skills

A classroom teacher does not have time to zip twenty coats before every recess. A child’s school day will go a lot more smoothly if he is able to do simple self care tasks. Practice putting on outer wear, tying shoes, blowing noses, and zipping backpacks. Plus, children take pride in doing these tasks for themselves.

Independently exploring interests

Encourage your child’s independence. If he shows an interest in art, sign him up for an art day camp or trip to the art museum. Showing that you respect your child’s interests will encourage him to explore and find things he enjoys doing.

Loving learning

Reading books is one of the most simple, yet valuable things you can do for your child. Take regular trips to the library. If you make this something to look forward to, your child will look forward to it, too. Finding joy in learning will help her be excited for learning in school.

Take time to plan experiences such as play groups or sports classes. Coupled with everyday adventures, your child will be ready to enter school confident, comfortable, and capable.

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