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Six Tips For Caring For An Elderly Parent With Alzheimer’s

It is always a sad day when you have a parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It is very sad to watch someone you love have to go through this awful disease, but you can take steps to make the experience less unpleasant. One of the keys to making the situation better is to provide your parent with proper caregiving. Here are six tips you can follow when caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease.

1. Communicate Effectively

One of the most important keys to caregiving for Alzheimer’s patients is proper communication. You should speak with short sentences and simple words. However, it is also important to avoid talking in baby talk, and you should never talk to someone else in the room as though the Alzheimer’s suffer is not there.

2. Dealing with Incontinence

One of the worst things about this disease is the incontinence issues that occur as it progresses. It is important to set a routine to take your parent to the bathroom every three hours during the day to keep accidents to a minimum.

3. Remain Calm

Mood swings and outburst are common with Alzheimer’s sufferers. The key to handling these outbursts is to remain calm. Getting upset will just make the situation worse. Use simple questions to try to discover the cause of the outburst. They are usually caused because your parent is upset, and trying to communicate with them may help you to figure out why.

4. Dealing with Wandering

A very scary part of caregiving for Alzheimer’s patients is that they can wander off. The first way to handle this scenario is to make sure that your parent is always wearing an identification bracelet with your address and telephone number. You should lock the doors to help prevent your parent from going outside. If your parent does disappear, make sure to call the police right away.

5. Bathing

Bath time can be a nightmare if your parent is agitated. Therefore, make sure that you always plan the bath for the same time every day, which should be at a time of day when your parent seems to usually be calm.

6. Get Help

At some point, it can become too much for you to feel with a parent with Alzheimer’s on your own. When you reach this point, enrolling your parent in an assisted living situation makes a lot of sense. Healthcare professionals can help take the pressure off of you and get your parent the attention and care they need.

Life with a parent with Alzheimer’s takes a lot of emotional strength. It can be overwhelming at times, but you owe it to your parent. After all, think about how much your parent sacrificed to give you life. Taking care of them now is the least you can do. Informational credit to Crimson Ridge Meadows.

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