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Six Tips To Help A Child Cope With Divorce

Divorce can be a scary time in your child’s life. Each child will process their emotions differently. Some may be sad or withdrawn while others may show anger and resentment. There are ways to guide your child through this difficult transition.

Provide Reassurance

Many children will wonder if they have somehow caused the divorce. It is important that your child understands that is not the case. Reassure him that the love a parent has for a child is unconditional and will never go away.

Stick to Usual Routines

Do your best to keep the child on a regular schedule. Continue to attend activities, church or social functions. Your child will need consistency and balance to get through this challenging time.

Don’t Overcompensate with Special Gifts or Privileges

Feeling guilty is common during a divorce. However, remember you are still the parent. Buying expensive gifts or allowing special privileges will not help them adjust any better. Fighting for the child’s affections through material gains will only add to their insecurity and confusion about which parent loves him more.

Keep Communication Open

While the child resides with one parent he may feel he can’t talk to the other parent. Encourage regular communication. If something exciting has happened, have him call the other parent to share in the news. Likewise, if the child is angry with one parent, encourage the child to talk it out in a respectful way. The child needs to know he can still express his disappointment and frustration even during a difficult time.

Don’t Belittle the Other Parent

Voicing your arguments or conflicts with each other will only confuse the child. Children do not have the capabilities to provide you with emotional support or guidance to deal with your adult problems. Your child should never have to wonder where his loyalties stand.

Seek Professional Help

You made need outside help dealing with finances, custody issues or guidance in properly communicating with each other. Before things get out of control, seek the help of a family lawyer or therapist. A trained professional can move the process along in a more productive way, lessening the long-term effects divorce can have on everyone. They can also help you better understand common divorce myths, like those from Charleston family lawyer Ken Peck.

While divorce can be difficult, there are ways to help your child navigate through it. Lessen feelings of fear and uncertainty with open communication and respectful behavior between parents and child.

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