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Six Tips To Help Your Child With The Transition Of Going To School For The First Time

For many parents, it can be exciting to send their children off to school for the first time. Unfortunately, many children become nervous and can become scared for the new school year due to nerves and a fear of being away from their parents. To ensure that your child begins the new season with ease, there are a few tips to follow for a smooth transition.

Help Them to Make Friends

Allow your child to feel more comfortable going to school by helping them to make friends ahead of time. Set up a playdate with a friend or two who will be in their class to ensure that they already know other kids.

Visit the School

Help your child to become more comfortable with going to school by touring the grounds before the first day. You can show them where their classroom will be located, including the playground and the cafeteria to ensure that they become familiar with the setting.

Read Books About School

Reading books about school will give your child a greater understanding of what to expect and will allow them to see photos of classroom settings. These books can help them get excited about the things they will do at school. 

Focus on the Positive

Focus on the positive of going to school for the first time by discussing the new friends that they’ll make, the toys that they’ll get to play with, and the crafts or activities that they’ll get to make with their teacher. Show them all that school has to offer to ensure they look forward to heading to class. For example, places like International School of MN offer a wide variety of activities your child is likely interested in, like swimming or crafts.

Buy School Supplies

Your child will become more excited for school if they’re able to pick out school supplies that they’ll use. Make a visit to the store for crayons, pencils, paper, and a new backpack for items that they can call their own.

Allow Your Child to Discuss Their Fears

It’s important to allow your child to voice their fears and feel comfortable being honest before the first day of school. Welcome open communication and share your own experiences about what they can expect.

When it’s time for your little one to head to school for the first time, it’s a new stage of life for both the parent and child. There are a few important steps to take ahead of time to prepare for the big day and make for a smooth transition to ensure that your child enjoys school and begins to look forward to it.



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