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Six Unusual (But Important) Steps to Take When Baby-Proofing Your Home

You don’t have words to express how much you love your baby, and your top concern is keeping this wonderful little infant safe. The early months at home are actually quite easy because baby isn’t mobile yet, but a crawling child presents a host of challenges. While you may think you can hold off on most of the baby proofing until your child is thinking about walking, the truth is that you should start before your child even comes home. Another surprise is that some of the most important baby proofing steps don’t involve child locks for the doors or cabinets.

Check the Water Heater

Scalding can hurt a child, and it takes a split second for hot water to burn your baby’s sensitive skin. Don’t take chances with hot water in the tub or sink. Turn down the hot water temperature to below 120 degrees before you even go to the hospital.

Old Outlets Should be Replaced

Most homes have outlets on every wall, and a damaged outlet is a potential fire hazard. Check your home for outlets with damaged grounds or any that have sparked in the past. Have a company like S & D Contracts take care of that work while you’re still expecting. Then you can stock up on outlet plugs to make sure no pennies or paperclips find their way into the outlets.

Get a Steam Mop

You can drown in a few inches of water if you fall in and cannot get out. Protect your baby by switching to a steam mop, and get a lock for the commode. When you’re done with the bathtub, always drain the water out completely.

Vitamins Count as Medication

You know to lock up medications, but people aren’t always as careful with vitamins. The problem is that iron overdose is a leading cause of poisoning in children. Keep the vitamins with the rest of mediation where a curious child won’t find them.

Locking Doors are a Frightening Thought

Children are curious, and they’re always flipping switches and moving buttons. Imagine the terror your child would feel if she accidentally locked herself in a room and couldn’t get out. Imagine your terror if you couldn’t find her right away. Consider switching to non-locking door handles, and then secure them from baby with the door knob covers.

Switch to Pull-Down Shades

If you have Roman shades, the cord is a strangulation hazard. Toddling children will wrap themselves in curtains or cords, and there are tragedies from this every year. If you aren’t positive that you will keep that cord rolled up and out of reach, then make the switch to pull-down shades that don’t use cords.

These surprising baby proofing steps are necessary to ensure that your child is truly protected. Most people don’t think of these dangers, but it’s amazing what a curious child can get into in the split second it takes for you to answer the phone. Make the investment in protecting your home now to avoid tragic accidents later.

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