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Smart Kids: 4 Ways Your Children Can Retain Knowledge over Summer Break

Education and learning is something that shouldn’t be limited to school. Engaging your kids over the summer break can help them to retain the knowledge that they’ve acquired. Here are some ways to prevent your children from losing what they’ve learned in school over the summer break.

Encourage Summer Reading Goals

Many kids refuse to pick up a book during the summer months. This can be detrimental to their knowledge retention. Visit your local library so that your kids can find books that appeal to them. Set a goal that they have to read at least four books over the summer break. Encourage your kids to set aside time to read a little each day. Consider joining them in this practice. They may be more willing to read if they see you doing it.

Incorporate Math Games

Math is often overlooked during the summer break. Come up with games that involve math that is relevant to your child’s development. These games should involve things that encourage kids to measure, count, and determine the relationship between the numbers. Practicing this critical skill during the summer will help your kids keep their math skills up to date. There are even games that you can buy that have a math based focus. Another way to do this is through building toys.

Enroll in Summer School Programs

Having year-round school is another way to avoid your children from losing their knowledge. It also creates more consistency in your kids’ lives. There won’t be the struggle to get them back into the routine once the break is over. Not all schools provide summer school programs for their students. There are other programs that continue to teach kids during the summer break. Look into these types of programs so that your kids can continue with their educations over the summer months.

Explore Unique Camp Opportunities

Summer may provide your kids with the opportunity to focus their interest on something that isn’t given as much priority in school. Museums and zoos may offer programs for kids that allow them to explore these interests. If your kids are more athletically inclined, consider enrolling them in sports camps. This can provide them with a good outlet for their physical needs. They may even be more willing to focus on developing other skills if they can play a sport.

On average, kids lose two months worth of knowledge over the summer break. Prevent this from happening by engaging them in continued learning activities.

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