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Smartphone Stimulus: 5 Apps to Make Parenting a Breeze

Parenting has always been a difficult job, but modern technology might help you navigate your way through some of the most time-consuming and undesirable tasks. Most parents have a smartphone with them at all times, and that makes it the perfect tool for making lists, tracking errands, and looking up important information. If you are ready to bring your parenting into the 21st century, then here is a look at some mobile apps that will help you get there.


One of the biggest challenges of being a new parent is learning how to budget with an additional member of the family. Everything from toys to car seats can quickly add up, and many of these products are only used a handful of times before the child outgrows them. Wanna is a simple app for parents that allows them to buy and sell common items for babies and toddlers. You can quickly type in the name of the item or a description of it before you are connected with neighbors who are selling that item. Parents can also sell their old products to make a little extra money on the side.

Total Baby

Tracking a child’s habits for at least a few years can provide parents with many different benefits. By doing this, parents can keep a close eye on any abnormalities or medical issues that might be affecting their child. Total Baby allows users to track up to six different children at a time and then compare those habits to other children from around the world. That includes how often they are eating, what they are eating, allergic reactions to certain foods, naps, doctor’s visits, and their sleep schedule each night.

Phone Aid

Even though all parents should learn how to perform CPR, taking trauma classes can be incredibly time-consuming. Phone Aid will turn a smartphone into a portable trauma reference guide for many of the most common accidents and injuries. In addition to showing users how to perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, it also provides instructions on how to deal with 27 other urgent situations. Each situation is illustrated with multiple slides, and parents can turn on voice instructions so that they don’t have to take their eyes off of their children.


Teaching children how to be financially responsible is another major challenge that many parents struggle with. BusyKid is a popular new app that has simplified this process and made it easier for parents and their children to positively interact with one another. Parents can assign their children chores, establish paydays for those chores, and even send small bonuses for their grades. Once the chores have been assigned, the children are able to send SMS messages when they are completed, track their allowance, buy gift cards, and invest their savings.


This unique mobile app is designed for parents who would like to get out of the home more often. After downloading the app and inputting your current location, it will provide you with a list of kid-friendly locations and events in the immediate vicinity. Parents can then tap the screen to learn more about specific events, buy tickets, read reviews, or get directions. In most larger cities, families should be able to find dozens of parks, museums, restaurants, concert halls, and theme parks. After you have completed an activity, you can rate it and share your thoughts with other local parents.

There are now millions of mobile apps available to the public, and thousands of these programs are designed to help frazzled parents. With just a few taps of the screen, you can fill your phone with dozens of time-saving tools that can help you and your family throughout the day. Taking advantage of this software will allow you to focus on your children and make the most out of every moment that you have with them.

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