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5 Reasons to Invest in Your Family’s Bright Smiles

How you take care of your oral health has a direct impact on the rest of your body, as well as your self-confidence. Taking care of your teeth now should be one of your family’s top priorities, as taking the time to engage in preventative measures is key. Getting a healthy smile and maintaining that healthy smile has many different benefits.

Increased Oral Health

Our oral health is important to the health of our entire body. However, experiencing oral issues in and of themselves is never a pleasant experience. If your teeth are not straight or bite is not aligned properly, you may be at risk for developing certain issues. Tooth crowding can lead to food getting stuck between your teeth, causing tooth decay and potential cavities. This difficulty to clean around the teeth could lead to tartar and plaque build-up, which may contribute to gum issues or bad breath. The health of your gum, teeth, and tongue are important

Increased Overall Health

Our oral health translates throughout our entire bodies. Poor oral health can lead to other complications. In order to maintain your overall health, you will need to consume a balanced diet. This may be difficult to accomplish if you are experiencing sensitive teeth or gums. Tooth decay can also increase the risk of developing other issues and may make you more susceptible to coming down with an illness. For instance, you may have food stuck in your teeth. This could cause you to develop an infection in your gums, which may make you susceptible to other infections too as your immune system will be trying to fight off the gum infection.

More Self-Confidence

It is not a surprise that enhancing your smile with the help of an orthodontist will give you a boost in self-confidence. A healthy-looking smile will allow you to feel more radiant about yourself. If a few issues in your mouth were causing you to become self-conscious, that can be fixed when you invest in a brighter smile. Straight and healthy teeth will allow your face to appear more symmetrical, giving your appearance a visual boost. This can transfer into how you are feeling about yourself. There may be many different reasons why someone is unhappy with their smile. Speaking with a professional can help you to understand what options you have and discuss your goals, as well as expectations.

Corrected Malocclusions

An occlusion is a reference to how a person’s lower and upper jaw, as well as their teeth, meet each other. A normal occlusion refers to a normal bit and the teeth meeting appropriately. However, a malocclusion means that the jaws do not meet properly or someone is experiencing an underbite or an overbite. There are many different reasons that a malocclusion could form, ranging from genetics to extensive bottle feeding. However, there are treatment options. Malocclusions can cause issues within the mouth, making it difficult to brush your teeth and possibly difficult to eat. Correcting malocclusions can help to eliminate these issues and lead to a healthier mouth. If you are experiencing a malocclusion, you may be tempted to just simply hide your smile. However, malocclusions can cause serious issues in the mouth and need professional treatment.

Improved First Impressions

Everyone wants to make the best first impression. First impressions happen in a matter of seconds and judgment will be passed. It is not necessarily someone’s fault if they judge you poorly during a first impression, as it is biological. However, someone’s smile is one of the most noticed features. This could be because you will be speaking when you meet someone, which will draw attention to your mouth. Having to purposefully hide your smile can come across as obvious or even awkward. Having a less than desirable smile may impact your first impression. Investing in a brighter smile can lead to more successful first impressions.

Meet With a Professional

If you are ready to make your oral health one of your top priorities, then you should schedule an initial consultation with a professional. Finding the right orthodontist can be a challenge, but its important to focus on finding an atmosphere where you feel comfortable coming for treatment. Lemchen Salzer, an orthodontist from new york, says, “[they] understand the foundation behind a balanced and beautiful face,” especially when it comes to helping a patient feel comfortable with their smile.  Make sure to find an orthodontist that listens to your needs, and focuses on their patient’s goals.

Overall, there are many resons that your family should invest in their dental health. These 5 reasons help to explain the benefits for you and your family members that come from taking care of your smiles.


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