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Spiders in the Basement? 4 Tricks to Keep Them out

If spiders give you the heebie-jeebies, you are not alone. There are several things you can do to deter spiders from settling down in your home, but unfortunately, if you have an infestation of spiders, you may have other underlying issues. Here are six tricks to keeping your home bug free from the get go.

Clean and Repair Your Home Regularly

Make sure to make a habit of vacuuming and dusting your home on a weekly basis. You can buy a long handled duster, or just turn your broom upside down to sweep your ceilings and walls to eliminate any cobwebs. Consistently removing the spider webs will deter the spiders from rebuilding in the same place and encourage them to find an easier place to live. Quickly repair any holes in your window screens and gaps between doorframes to make it harder for the spiders to even get in your home in the first place.

Use a Distilled Vinegar Cleaner

Once a month or so, clean your walls, floors, and baseboards with a vinegar cleaner. Mix a solution of one part vinegar with an equal one part water and scrub all of the surfaces in your home to discourage bugs of any kind from finding their way into the house. This will remove any tracks to keep other bugs from following a trail inside.

Clean Your Kitchen Daily

Leaving food and dirty plates out after a meal attracts flies, ants, and other insects. Since the bugs that are attracted to the crumbs make up a spider’s diet, spiders will naturally follow suit. To avoid these insects and spiders altogether, make sure to clean your kitchen and eating areas after every meal. Put away any leftovers in airtight containers, wipe down all the surfaces, and sweep or vacuum up any crumbs. Wash the dishes immediately to completely eliminate any temptation and keep your home bug free.

Declutter Your Home

Spiders love dark and cluttered spaces, so you should consider organizing your cabinets and closets. Keep dirty clothes in a basket instead of in a pile on the floor. Clean out your closets and get rid of everything you don’t need. Spiders love to live in stacks of boxes and under piles of wood. To discourage the spiders from making themselves at home, you should dust the corners, clear away any extra debris, and neatly organize the items you want to keep.

Space Your Plants

If you keep stacks of firewood, plywood, or other materials, consider moving them away from the sides of the house. Spiders and insects love to make their homes here, and the farther these piles are from the house, the less likely they will find their way inside. Plants also provide ideal places for spiders and insects to live. Keep your bushes and flower beds trimmed to minimize the risk they will inhabit the perimeter of your home.

Call a Professional Pest Control Company

Sometimes, the spiders will continue to come inside despite your best efforts. When this happens, you should call a professional pest control company to provide spider control for you. They are trained to identify different species and where they live. They can help determine what the best solution would be to get rid of the infestation and if there are any underlying issues.

Keep out all of the spiders and other insects by cleaning your home regularly, dusting, and vacuuming. Clean your kitchen daily and once a month clean the baseboards with a vinegar solution. Declutter your home and move any debris piles away from the perimeter of the house. As a last resort, call a professional if you can’t get rid of them yourself.

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