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Squinting to Read Street Signs? 4 Signs It May Be Time for an Eye Exam

How often do you think about your vision? If you’re like most, it’s not until you have trouble seeing that you even consider getting an eye exam.

Even if you have perfect vision, the may come that you have trouble reading even huge street signs. Yes, that is how it happens. One day your vision is 20/20 and the next, you’re Mr. McGoo.

So, if you’re wondering how you can avoid looking foolish when trying to navigate outdoors, we’ve got you covered.

You Have a Change in Night Vision

If you’re a night owl, you know how important it is to see clearly. However, if you find yourself struggling to see the car ahead of you, you might want to schedule an eye exam. Many adults experience changes in night vision prior to needing corrective lenses. If you start seeing halos around the lights or have trouble distinguishing things like telephone poles, contact your eye doctor immediately.

Discharge or Repeat Eye Infections

Not only do exams identify the changes in your vision, eye exams also allow your eye doctor to diagnose brewing eye infections. While some infections will clear on their own, others need medical treatment. If you experience redness, itching or discharge from your eyes, it’s a good idea to get it checked out.

Constant Headaches

Headaches are caused by many things like stress, inflammation and even muscle tension. But did you know that frequent headaches are another sign that you might need an eye exam? Frequent headaches can occur when your straining to read or see things far away. If you develop recurrent headaches that abate when you not reading, you could need glasses.

Increased Light Sensitivity

If you experience any sensitivity to light, especially if it happens randomly, it could be from abrasion of the cornea. In rare cases, it could be a symptom of a central nervous system disorder such as meningitis or Keratoconus. Having your eyes looked at can determine the cause and if needed, your optometrist will provide the necessary treatment. It’s best if you go to a clinic that has a department of Ophthalmology as your overall eye health should be taken into consideration.

Needing vision correction doesn’t mean you’re getting old. It happens to even the youngest of patients. If you suspect that you might need glasses, play it safe and see your eye doctor for an exam. I mean, who wants to look like Mr. McGoo?

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