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Start Planning Early: Five Fun Spring Update Ideas For Your Backyard

Spring will be here before we know it. You’ll want to start investing in some materials now to help you get a head start on building your perfect spring backyard. When the sun goes down, the lights on the covered patio can go up and keep your party going! Begin with these five ideas and add your own personal flair to create your true safe, quiet haven on the cheap.
Never too late to start planning for the spring. Here are some good tips.

1. Build a Fire Pit For Spring Nights

Peel off the top layer of grass in your yard in a circle. Spread a layer of sand over the newly cleaned area and lay stones in a circle two inches from the edge of the sand. Layer the rocks on top of each other to create a pleasing fire pit. Add wood and you have a warm, cozy fire pit for those late night get-togethers! According to a professional from Brothers outdoor lighting or indoor lighting in Houston can both help to improve your backyard experiences.

2. Start a Vertical Garden

Begin collecting two liter soda plastics now for a vertical garden in the spring. Cut out one side of the plastic. Don’t forget to put the top on the bottle. Poke holes in the opposite side for drainage then add soil to the bottles. Attach these to the wall with nails or wires. Add plants and you have a beautiful addition to your back yard patio.

3. Make a Fountain

Save your wine bottles from that awesome New Year’s Eve celebration. Drill a hole in the bottom then snake a hose through the hole. Hold the wine bottles up with an old wine bottle holder or metal stakes. Place a bowl with decorative rocks in the bottom and you have a fabulous water fountain.

4. Tire Changes To Your Advantage

Save those old snow tires! If you had your tires changed over the winter, you’re in luck. Nail board across the bottom then stack them in the back yard so they stagger. Paint them fun colors and fill with soil. You have yet another area for your beloved plants. You can grow vines here, if you place the fixture next to a fence.

5. Get Different Paint

If you had to have any trees removed due to winter damage, ask to keep a few stumps. These stumps will look great after you spray paint them with different colored glow in the dark paints! Place them around your new fire pit and you’re ready for an evening in your beautiful handmade backyard.

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