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Staying Warm: Five Steps to Keep the Heat Indoors

Winter can be a difficult time to save on utility bills if your home is drafty and your furnace hasn’t been checked lately. While you can certainly beat the cold by layering your clothing, wearing a hat indoors, or bundling up in a blanket, here are five practical steps you can take to keep the heat indoors.

Make Sure Your Home is well Insulated
Poor insulation is one of the major ways heat escapes your home. If you don’t have adequate insulation in the walls and attic, heat will escape out the roof. Attic insulation blocks the air and prevents it from escaping in the same way that wearing a hat will reduce heat loss through your head. Boosting the insulation will easily pay for itself in lower utility bills.

Check for Drafts

If the windows and doors are not sealed tightly, you’ll have trouble keeping the heat stable inside your home. To correct the problem, seal windows with silicone caulking, weather stripping, or a foam sealer. For outlets and light switches, you can use a draft gasket designed to keep the heat from escaping. A towel rolled up tightly can be put on the floor in front of the door.

Keep Curtains and Draperies Closed
An open window will obviously allow a lot of heat to escape, but so will keeping the curtains and draperies open. While sheer curtains and lightweight draperies are fashionable and make a great spring or summer window treatment, they are not your best option for keeping down energy costs in the winter. According to Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating, heavy draperies save you money because they form a barrier between the icy cold window pane and the room. It might make your winter a bit darker, but what you’ll save in heating will make it worth the gloom.

Take Advantage of the Oven
Using the oven will reflect heat into the kitchen while baking, but you can capitalize on the heat by opening the door once you’re done, and allow the warmth to spill into the room.

Have Your Furnace and Thermostat Checked

If you haven’t had your furnace and thermostat checked lately by a Langley plumber, consider having that done. If your heater or thermostat isn’t functioning correctly that’s going to show up in higher energy bills. Taking care of those repairs can save you money and make a big difference in your overall winter costs.

Winter doesn’t have to be expensive. By taking simple steps such as sealing up drafts, switching to heavier window coverings and keeping your heater repaired, you can save money while staying warm and toasty.

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