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Stop Drunk Driving With These 3 Self-Help Tips

In almost all social events, you can expect for alcoholic beverages to be served. Some might think, “What’s the harm in a sip of champagne or a tall bottle of cold beer?” Drinking these kinds of beverages is innocent enough and each person has the freedom to do so. However, if a person is planning to drive a vehicle after drinking, it’s another story.


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Every adult, teen driver and even some perceptive kids know that drinking and driving do not mix. Not only is drunk driving against the law, but alcohol also makes a driver unsafe on public roads. Even a small amount can already have an effect on the body. A BAC of 0.03 to 0.12 may seem such a small amount. However, the alcohol already has several effects on the body, including euphoria, increased self-confidence, and compromised judgment and control, as explained by The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, personal injury attorneys in Houston, Texas. Mild euphoria, excitement, confusion, coma and death are all alarming conditions brought about by alcohol intoxication, and everyone, from drivers to teen drinkers, must be aware of this.

How to Prevent Drunk Driving

1. Be a responsible drinker.

Some commercials for wines, beers and other alcoholic beverages end with a reminder to “Drink moderately.” Some say, “Drink responsibly.” Such advice, especially the latter, should be followed. If you know that the party or social function that you are going to is serving alcoholic drinks, then make transportation plans beforehand. Self-discipline plays a huge role in avoiding drinking at a party. But, sometimes, your friends or officemates are just too convincing, and they might persuade you to drink. One sip leads to one glass, and one glass leads to more. Before you know it, you’re drunk.

There are several ways to plan ahead. Call a taxi or call a trusted person who can drive you home. If your house is quite far from where you are, make arrangements to stay with a relative or friend who lives nearby. When going out with a group of friends, talk amongst yourself about who is going to be the designated driver.

2. Tell someone to hide your keys.

If you suddenly find yourself at a social gathering, ask someone you trust to hide your car keys if he sees you drinking. He will be a great help to you in many ways. For one, he’ll prevent you from getting arrested for DUI, and, more importantly, he’ll stop you from becoming involved in a vehicular accident that could harm or kill you and others.

In case the roles were reversed and it is your friend who is drunk, don’t think twice about hiding his keys too. Since a person who has had a few drinks can be quite aggressive, it’s very important to take a cool and patient approach. Give him other transportation alternatives too. Offer to drive him home or call him a cab.

3. Don’t drink.

The simplest way to avoid drunk driving accidents is to stay away from alcoholic drinks. If you are at a party, opt for non-alcoholic beverages, like soda or seltzer, or even coffee. If someone offers you a drink, decline gracefully and provide a good excuse. You can say, “No, thank you. I’m the designated driver this evening.”

This article was contributed by Claire Taylor, a freelance writer who frequently blogs about legal issues. Many of her articles are about DUI and car safety.

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