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Stylish Bambino: 4 Ways to Spice up Your Baby’s Clothes

Almost all infant apparel is cute in one way or another. From the bright animal prints to the traditional pastels in blue, yellow, and pink, there are plenty of different baby styles to choose from. While the conventional clothes that you can find on the rack at big box stores or clothing retailers are cute, you feel like you have seen it all time and time again.

As a stylish fashionista of a mom, you may be looking for something out of the box for your baby that’s still cute but fashionable at the same time. If you are looking to build a collection of threads that are versatile and comfortable without being too traditional, here are 4 ways to spice up your baby’s fashion:

Learn How to Play with Patterns

It’s easy to match solid tops to solid pants, shorts, or skirts, but there is nothing jazzy about that. If you really want to have fun with baby style, one thing that you will need to learn to do is play with patterns.

Just because you have a stripped bottom does not mean you must stick with a pattern-less top. Pattern mixing can be lots of fun if you take the right tips from the experts. Don’t get too inventive all at once. It’s best to choose simplistic patterns that are in the same color family for the best-finished look.

Think Outside of the Box

Thinking outside of the box can not only save you money, but it can also add a unique touch to your baby’s wardrobe. It is great to have posh bottoms that are made to grow with baby, like those from Chunkabuns, but realistically it’s better to buy big than buy too small.

If you match up the right pair of pants with the perfect slim fit top, you will have a unique look that doesn’t break the bank. It’s even nice to buy large slim fit tops and have your infant wear them as dresses until they reach the tot stage where they can transition them back to shirts.

Look at Your Own Style

The animal prints and bright cartoon-like colors may be fun, but babies don’t have to dress like babies. If you want to spice up styling, you probably should break the mold and take a look at your own style. Since you are a fashionista, you can easily mimic your style when developing a wardrobe for your stylish bambino.

Accessorizing Is Key

Accessorizing is a must, even with baby. All parents need to follow the rules of dressing a newborn. You will have to consider safety and comfort first and then accessories after, but there are plenty miniature options to choose from. You can even repurpose or make your own belts, scarves, and leg warmers with old clothing and material if you’re crafty enough.

Your child will eventually love style or hate it, but while they are young you have to do all of the stylings for them. Embrace the infant stage while you can and get fun and creative with your looks so you can create a personalized and unique wardrobe.

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