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Summer fun: Six outdoor activities to do this summer with your family

Summer can be a great time to do activities that will draw your family together. Choose a few of these fun options and get outside for some exercise while the weather is perfect for outdoor plans.

1. Visit A Park

A trip to the park can be a great way to entertain the whole family. Pick an option with a playground for the kids and shade for the rest, and enjoy a relaxing trip where everyone has fun. If the parks near home are getting old, consider driving to one with a creek or lake.

2. Barbecue

Pull out the barbecue and make dinner outside for the whole house. The whole family can get in on setting up side dishes and drinks, and eating as the weather starts to cool for the evening can be a great way to end a good day. Consider barbecuing some interesting sides along with the main course, like the veggies.

3. Have A Picnic

Pack up a simple lunch and walk with the family to a nice outdoor location for a picnic. Choose somewhere with running room so the kids can have fun playing together, and bring a Frisbee or ball for fun after the food is finished. Picnicking can be a great family activity to do at the last minute near home.

4. Go Hiking

Just about every area has a few good hiking trails if you know where to look. Pack up some bug spray, snacks and a lot of water and take the family out for a hike somewhere new. Even the busiest cities usually have a little bit of nature set aside that the whole family will enjoy getting a look at.

5. Visit The Zoo

Summer is the perfect time to head to the zoo, since the school trips are usually done and the animals are generally out and visible. Take the whole family early in the day so you get there before the heat of the afternoon makes most of the animals lethargic.

6. Play Some Games

Families can have a great time setting up games like badminton and volleyball in the backyard and everything from basketball to tennis can be an option elsewhere. Consider getting the whole family out to try a new sport every week or so for some planned fun.

The area around your home can be perfect for summer outdoor fun. Get the whole family outside together and start building memories that last.

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