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Summer Is Here! How to Have the Best Yard on the Block

With summer here, it is time to get out of your stuffy house and into the warm and welcoming outdoors. Whether you are an older adult who enjoys spending time on your porch or a family with young children who are longing to run and play, you will need to spend some time caring for your yard and planning your outdoor space for the best look on the block. Consider the four major areas on which you should focus as you begin your yard remodel project.

Get the Greenest Grass

By starting with gorgeous grass, your yard can look rich and lush even if you do not have the budget for many other improvements. Consider investing in a sprinkler system and a company that will come to fertilize your yard four times each year to keep weeds away while improving the thickness of your grass. Aerating is also a good practice to allow vital nutrients into your soil.

Choose Lush Landscaping

If you have the money for some more vegetation, consider landscaping around the front of your home at the very least. Choose only leafy shrubs in varying shades of green, or plant flowering perennials that bloom at various times throughout the growing season so that you always have some color in your yard. Consider choosing trees based on their autumnal colors as well.

Add in Gorgeous Lighting

Lighting can providing additional security for your yard, but it can also set off architectural details or landscaping elements if you choose pathway lights or upturned lights. A ceiling light or a sconce can provide light on your porch or deck if you like to host outdoor events.

Plan Your Party Space

Speaking of outdoor events, consider whether you want to use your yard as a party space for your block or for your family and friends. If you will be hosting people of all ages, try to set aside one part of your yard for children so that they can have fun playing on swings or in a sandbox. Other great party space ideas include an outdoor kitchen or a fire pit. Deck builders can help you incorporate a raised deck with plenty of seating or can help you build a pergola.

By thinking of your yard as a blank canvas, you can create virtually anything that you want. Be sure to begin with a plan to avoid a haphazard setup and to include all of the important design elements that you love. You may want to draw a landscaping plan or collect pictures of yards that you love to spark your creativity. If you have a very large yard, you may even want to hire a professional landscape artist. In these ways, you can be proud to have the best yard on the block.

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