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Summer Savings: How to Cut Down on the Most Common Costs of the Season

Summer Savings How to Cut Down on the Most Common Costs of the SeasonAre your summer expenses making your wallet thinner than you first expected? Between summer camps, vacations, and all the other activities you are probably spending on, there are many other common costs that come with the heat you might not have anticipated. Here are a few cost-saving tips to help you survive the most common expenses that come with the season.

Contractor Services
If you’re like many people, you might take advantage of the warm weather and decide to transform your house a little bit. Or maybe you’re just finally ready to tackle any home improvement projects you’ve delayed. But here’s the problem, many of your neighbors have the same idea. Since everyone is competing for the same contractor appointment slots, you’ll probably find the price of contractor services spike during the summer months. 

It’s common for contractors to place a tax on their sudden popularity. They’ll also charge you for increases in their operating expenses, such as transportation fuel. But you can prevent paying more for contractor services by simply tackling your projects during the slower seasons of the year. When a contractor’s phone isn’t ringing with requests for appointments, then they’re more likely to incentivize appointments by offering discounts. Also, ask your contractor if they offer year-round maintenance plans. These are commonly offered by contractors who specialize in HVAC, plumbing, electricity, and tree pruning/removal services.

Landscaping Services
Landscaping services also tend to increase in cost during the summer months, mostly for the same reason that contracting does. What’s more, your property will naturally require more care in warm weather due to drought and heat. You’ll find your grass will yellow and wither while your plants and flowers grow faster. But there are ways to save a few more dollars on your landscaping. 

First, tackle as much as you can by yourself. Make sure you water your grass and plants either during the evening or early morning hours. The water will have the opportunity to saturate the land before evaporating. Use shears to help you to keep your bushes trimmed and ask your landscaper about year-round maintenance plans that are designed to help you save money during seasonal service spikes.

Utility Bills
You’re going to run your air conditioning unit a lot more in the summer and due to the heat, you’ll also find your refrigerator will run through cooling cycles faster and harder too. Summer months certainly encourage more water use as well. You might notice you and your family are taking more showers, washing clothes more frequently, and washing dishes more often. If you inspect your utility bills, then you might also notice that in addition to an increase of usage, your utility providers are charging you a premium rate for usage during the summer months! See if you can get your credit union ( to have billing accounts automatically mailed to you so you can see where the costs are.

To reduce spending, make sure your air conditioning unit is operating as efficiently as possible. Have it cleaned and inspected during the cooler months-a dirty air unit runs harder and drives up your bills. Next, take steps to use water more efficiently. Reduce dish washing frequency by using disposable plates and cups for light meals and snacks. And when you wash clothes, you can save money by hanging up your clothes to dry instead of running them through your dryer.

Summer heat can feel brutal, but your summer expenses don’t have to be! Simply take a few steps to reduce consumption while increasing efficiency. 

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