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Summer Smile: 3 Dental Health Habits For The Season of Popsicles

The summer may be a fun, relaxing season for your family to enjoy together, but it also can be hard on your teeth. After all, throughout the summer, you and your kids may snack on ice cream, popsicles and other seasonal sweets. The sugar in these foods can damage your teeth by causing cavities and decay. The last thing you want is for your beautiful smile to be damaged because of your sweet tooth. You can easily follow a few easy steps to take care of your teeth all summer long.

Brush Several Times Per Day

It is easy to forget about brushing when you are having summer fun with your family, but this basic hygiene activity should not be overlooked. One of the best ways to remove sugar from your teeth and to prevent cavities is to brush after every meal and snack. When you are out and about for the day, pack your toothbrushes and toothpaste in a small bag so that you can brush in any location you travel to.

Floss Regularly

Flossing is a great way to reach in between the teeth where your toothbrush bristles are not effective, and it should be done daily. Sugar and other food particles may become lodged in the tight spaces between teeth and form cavities. In fact, this is one of the most common areas for cavities to form. Flossing regularly can remove sugar, plaque and more from these spaces to keep your teeth as clean and healthy as possible.

Get Regular Dental Treatments

The summer months are ideal for heading to the dentist. With the kids out of school, they will not have to miss class activities to get their teeth professionally cleaned at a clinic like Beck Pearce Dental. Professional hygiene exams can remove all built-up plaque and tartar, and a fluoride treatment may be provided for added protection. Your dentist can also determine if you need a protective tooth coating applied. If you have any cavities, they can be identified and treated promptly before they turn into a more serious dental issue.

Taking great care of your teeth through regular brushing and flossing is essential if you want to maintain your beautiful smile throughout the summer and beyond. In addition, regular dental care offers even more substantial benefits. Remember that healthy teeth can also affect your breath and even your total body health. With this in mind, make an effort to follow these helpful steps and to care for your teeth now and for years to come.

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