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Support Local Charities, Support IFCS

Every day, IFCS provides support to our neighbors in need throughout our community. We are able to provide this aid through your support. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to be a beacon of hope. If you are looking to make a real impact this holiday season, in your community, there is no better place than IFCS.

Our Challenges

Providing support isn’t easy or free. We face many challenges providing the support our neighbors in need rely on us for. Here is a sampling:

Hunger Prevention

  • 60 new families, on average, added each month to existing clients served
  • $500 average cost to help each new family with food assistance

Homeless Prevention

  • RENT/MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE — more than 3,000 phone calls annually received requesting help
    2.3% of callers received assistance
  • UTILITY ASSISTANCE — nearly 1,000 phone calls annually received requesting utility assistance
    8% of callers received assistance

Enrichment Programs

  • Ready, Set, School! Helps 550 children ($150 per child)
  • Thanksgiving — 550 families and 100 seniors ($40 per meal)
  • Adopt-a-Family — 500 families and 100 seniors ($300 per Family)

Poverty In My Neighborhood?

While many people think of poverty as the people begging for change at the intersections in downtown Denver, the reality is far different. Suburban poverty is an increasingly difficult issue for communities. The problem is you just don’t see the individuals, families and seniors in need. Make no mistake, suburban poverty is real.

We often think and can see suburban poverty in overly populated homes. Inside the doors and shut away from the public are families sleeping 3, 4, 5 or more to a room and with children sleeping on the floor. It is also prevalent in long-term stay hotels where families cook meals on electric hot plates with children sleeping on the floor or crowded on a bed.

You Can Help

Helping to end suburban poverty may seem like a monumental task, yet with your support we can people’s lives. From financial donations of $5 to $100k dollars, food and clothing donations and volunteering, you can make an larger impact than you may think.

Plus, you will be helping out a worthy cause that strives to utilize each gift to its fullest. Out of every dollar donated to IFCS, more than 90 cents go directly to those in need. This is due to our focus on being good financial stewards of your support.

Whether you want to donate, volunteer or help in some other way like on our board of directors, your support is key to replacing frowns with smiles. Make a difference in your local community, support IFCS. Pass it on. It matters.

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Integrated Family Community Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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