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Sure Foundation: How to Teach Children Life Skills

Part of your job as a parent is to prepare your children to be productive and self-assured adults. This means teaching them life skills today that they can use when you are no longer around to help them. In some cases, this may mean letting your children fail if it helps them learn a bigger lesson about life.

Let Your Children Learn on Their Own

While you should certainly intervene if your son or daughter is in danger, you should otherwise maintain a hands-off approach. If your child wants to buy something, the money to buy the item should be earned through hard work. If your child is struggling in math, help teach the concept instead of giving the answer. Remember, you can’t always be there, which means your kid needs to be self-reliant to succeed.

Get Your Kid Thinking About a Future Career

Parents don’t want to see their children struggling financially. While they may not be rich overnight, you certainly don’t want your child living with you until they are 40. Therefore, it is a good idea to start thinking about what he or she may be interested in to get a sense of what programs may be available. For instance, those interested in criminal justice may want to investigate online criminology programs, or on campus programs, whichever is preferred.

Teach Your Child to Manage Money Well

Ideally, you will open a savings account for your son or daughter as soon as he or she is born. You may also want your parents or other family members to contribute a few dollars a year as well. A savings bond or a small stock purchase could make a great birthday or Christmas gift. Teaching your child the value of a dollar can also help teach that child about the differences between wants and needs and how hard it is to get the things that you want. When a child understands the value of hard work, he or she is likely to be more humble and well-adjusted as an adult.

There are many lessons that you can pass along to your child as he or she grows up. However, teaching your child to be self-reliant, to plan for a good career and to be good with money are three that should be any parent’s top priorities. Focusing on these lessons makes it more likely that your child will be self-reliant and understand what is truly important in the world.

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