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Swift Transition: How to Organize Your Family and Your Belongings When Moving

Moving can be such a stressful event that it is ranked in a category that includes job loss and even death of a spouse. However, there are many ways to reduce the stress of moving, especially if it is a desirable move to a new location. Here are four major tips to making a move a swift transition with as little stress as possible.

Clean the New Place While It Is Empty

Do not try to clean while you unpack. Get your new house or apartment set up and ready to receive your furniture, appliances and all of your stuff. If you need to paint or hang curtains, make it a party and get it done before moving day. It is a lot easier to get these kinds of things done while the place is empty of all your stuff. Plus, you, family, friends and maybe a couple of your new neighbors have plenty of room to move around. Maybe just bring the barbecue grill and a big cooler along with the tools you need.

Buy Boxes

Instead of scrounging around for boxes that are going to be in all shapes and sizes, buy them from a moving supply place. It makes for a modular packaging system that will pack into any vehicle you use to make your move like a nice puzzle. The new boxes are tough, and they come in sizes to suit all kinds of household items. Use moving blankets over furniture, and organize according to room. Get plenty of Sharpie markers to write on all four sides of every box to label the contents. Also, moving boxes with built-in handles are much easier to carry.

Let Professionals Do the Heavy Lifting

Supervise the moving of the contents of your home rather than doing all the heavy lifting. You can wear yourself out doing all the work of packing, moving and unpacking while still having to make sure the family eats and the kids take a bath before bed. Then, you still have to go to work. It costs more to hire professional movers, but you should be thinking about the time you gain as well as the stress that is relieved. Letting your uncle and cousin try to move that big refrigerator or the piano your grandmother gave you can result in damage to the items or the place you are moving from. If it is an apartment, make sure you get your security deposit back by hiring pro movers who do the work fast without breaking anything.

Set an Unpacking Schedule

Do not allow things to be left unpacked at your new home. Some companies, like Wheaton World Wide Moving, know that you should take a day to ease into your new place. After that, you can get everyone involved with the unpacking chore. No box should be left with anything in it unless it is things that are being donated. Do not put things into storage where it is easy to forget about them and end up buying unnecessary replacements. If you have a potato masher in the kitchen box and only use it once every few months to make mashed potatoes from scratch, unpack it and put it away in the kitchen. This way, you have it when it comes time to make mashed potatoes again. This works for all items that are not used often from gardening tools to the sewing kit you use to put a button back on a shirt. Unpack it all, and designate a proper space for it in your new home.

In just a few days at your new place, you will settle into a new routine. It is natural. In fact, it is so natural that you need to make sure you finish all the final stages of your move from forwarding mail and notifying everyone of your new address to making it a point to introduce yourself to new neighbors. Within a few weeks your new place will feel just as much like home, or even more so, than your old place. With no unpacked boxes around, the finality of the move gets established mentally to allow you to adapt to the nuances of your new place swiftly.

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