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Tears and Tantrums: 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Kids During Your Family Move

Moving is widely known as being one of the most stressful life events you can go through. It requires the complete upheaval of life as you know it, and it requires you to adjust to new surroundings, new friends, a new schedule and more. While moving can be stressful for adults, it can be even more traumatic for kids who may not be as able to cope with the experience as their parents. Tears and tantrums may be common in the weeks leading up to the move as well as the weeks following it. You can make this process easier on your kids by following a few helpful steps.

Highlight the Positives
As soon as you announce your move to your children, talk up everything about the new location. Discuss the features of the house they may love and the benefits of going to a new school. Talk about new attractions in the town you can visit regularly and how close the new home may be to family or friends. If a raise is part of the move, you may even talk about the extra money the family will have to enjoy a improved lifestyle.

Pack Up the Kids’ Rooms Last
Adults can easily get sad as they pack up their home, and this can be even more difficult for the kids. While the kids may see other items getting packed up throughout the home, they may cling to the comfort in their bedrooms. You may wish to do some spring cleaning in their rooms before the move, but you may save final packing for a few days before you leave. In addition, the kids’ rooms should be some of the first rooms that you unpack. This will allow them to get settled in more easily.

Visit the New Area Before You Move
A key source of stress for kids preparing to move is the great unknown. You can eliminate this element from their experience by visiting the new area several times before the move, if possible. Tour the new house with the kids, and schedule a visit to the new school. Spend time eating at local restaurants and playing the role of tourists in the town.

Schedule Childcare Service on Moving Day
The process of watching movers empty the house of its contents and pack it into a truck can be disheartening. It may be best to remove the kids from this situation for their own peace of mind and so that they stay out of the way of the movers. Ask a friend or neighbor to watch the kids until you get settled into the new space.

Using Moving Services
Moving can take several days or longer to complete. During this period of time, kids can feel in limbo and even without the comfort and security of a home. You can speed the process of moving up by hiring a moving team like those from Price’s Removal to assist you. This also allows you to focus on getting settled into the home and setting up the kids’ rooms.

Some kids may handle a move like troopers, and they may even be excited about the prospect of relocating. Many, however, find this to be a traumatic event. You can follow these tips to reduce their stress level and to help them to adjust more easily to the change.

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