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Technology Age: 4 Ways To Incorporate Electronics In Your Family Activities

It might seem like electronics are ruining your children, but there are a few family activities that you can share together that include electronics. The activities are a way for the family to have fun and learn at the same time. You can schedule a time when everyone is home to participate in the games so that no one is left out.


One of the ways that you can get physical activity in during the day while still using electronics is with a timer. When you play a game outside, such as badminton or volleyball, you can use a timer so that everyone knows when the round is over. You could also set a timer to see how many balls teams can kick or how long it takes to run around the yard. Using a timer gives the family a way to compete with each other in fun.

Competitions With Games

If children enjoy video games, then consider having a few competitions. Find games that are good for the entire family, such as dance games or those that feature sporting events. There could even be a few rewards for the team that wins the competition. You can often find broadcasts online, like, for games that are new or those that work best with large groups.

Giving A Speech

While you’re playing a game, you might need to hear details of a game or hear someone give directions of what to do while playing. Your electronic devices can be used to give these details if you have an app or a newer phone that features the programs that allow you to ask questions and get answers. You can get the program to give you a time to end the game or give a few details about ways to play the game. Children might find this fun as they don’t have to listen to the parents give them rules about how to play.

Computer Learning

As a family, sit down together and discover the world of learning on the computer. This might work best with younger children, but there are a few games and programs that are good for older children as well. You can find games that showcase everything from science to math. Each person can try to solve a certain number of problems in a set amount of time, receiving some kind of reward for getting the most done.

Electronics often take over the world of children. They seem to be stuck in a bedroom where they play games or talk on a phone all the time. With a few ideas and games that are played together, you can incorporate electronics in the daily activities of the family in a fun way so that everyone is together.

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