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Teen Drivers: Why You Should Never Text and Drive

Texting and driving doesn’t seem all that dangerous. You only take your eyes off the road for an instant, right? When you drive distracted, however, all it takes is a second to change your life–or someone else’s life–forever. Imagine it from the opposite perspective: you’re driving along, doing your best to pay attention to everything going on around you, when suddenly, another car swerves into yours. Suddenly, your car is totaled, you’re hurt, and you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer. All of that, just for a text? It doesn’t sound worth it–and it’s not.

Underdeveloped Driving Skills

As a teen driver, you’re at an even higher risk than an adult for an accident if you text while behind the wheel. Over years of driving, you’ll develop better muscle memory, increase your skills behind the wheel, and gain more confidence. As a teen driver, you still don’t have the experience to split your attention while you’re driving–and texting often takes far more of your attention than you realize. For each text you type out, your eyes may leave the road for as much as five seconds at a time. In those five seconds, you can travel an incredible distance: more than half a football field if you’re going around 60 mph. That’s enough time for a lot of things to happen on the road.


Even if you’re stopped at a stop sign or red light, it’s not safe to take your attention from the road to send a text message. Plenty of things can happen: the light can change, the flow of traffic can shift, and before you know it, you’ve landed yourself in a dangerous situation just because you couldn’t keep your focus on driving. When you get behind the wheel of a car, you’re committing to driving until you get out again. That should have your full attention and focus.

If you struggle to keep your attention on the road when you know there’s a text waiting for you, take preventative measures. Leave your phone in the back seat or locked in the trunk when you get behind the wheel. Install an app on your phone that will prevent you from sending or reading a text message while the car is in motion. If you have a passenger in the car with you, let them take control of your phone until you reach your destination. No text is worth a life, and taking the steps necessary to prevent yourself from texting while driving is well worth the effort.

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