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Teen Driving Tips: 5 Ways to Help Your Teen Stay Safe This Winter

Over 200,000 teenagers are injured in motor vehicle accidents every single year, and the vast majority of those collisions are completely preventable. While some accidents are caused by cell phone use or alcohol, many are the result of unsafe driving conditions. Here is a look at five tips that you can use to help your teen driver stay safe while out on the road this winter.

Have Their Vehicle Serviced

Cold temperatures can have a major impact on a car, and that is why you should have all of your vehicles serviced by an experienced mechanic at least three or four times a year. Just before the weather cools off, your mechanic can check for issues such as worn tires, low fluid levels, and damaged belts. They can also warn you of any major mechanical problems that need to be addressed in the near future.

Sign Them Up for a Defensive Driving Course

Most basic driving classes cover nothing more than local laws and regulations. If you want your child to be as safe as possible, then you might want to consider signing them up for a defensive driving course. These classes focus on vital driving skills such as avoiding distractions and recognizing dangerous situations. Some insurance providers even offer discounts to families that take defensive driving courses.

Create an Auto Emergency Kit

Every vehicle should have a comprehensive emergency kit in the trunk or back seat. These kits need to contain water, blankets, a set of tools, extra fluids for the vehicle, road flares, flashlights, and spare batteries. The kit should also have contact information for your family doctor, a local auto injury attorney, and each of your family members.

Take Them Driving as Much as Possible

Your teen must practice driving in all types of conditions if you want them to be safe while behind the wheel. Before letting them hit the road on their own this winter, you should try to drive with them in the rain and snow. Empty parking lots that have no nearby structures are a great place to practice turning, acceleration, and deceleration.

Establish Strict Rules

Your rules and expectations must be absolutely clear before your child is handed over the keys to a vehicle. Teenagers must realize that they can never speed, drive under the influence of alcohol, or use their phone while out on the road. You might also want to create your own personal rules such as limiting how many passengers can be in their car.

In addition to keeping your teen safe, many of these tips will also save you money. Teenage drivers who avoid accidents and tickets can often reduce their insurance premiums by thousands of dollars every single year.

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