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Teen Driving Woes: What to Do When Your Teenager Gets in a Car Accident

No parent wants a child in harm’s way, yet growing up is a part of life that often involves a few goofs. Chances are that when your children become teenagers, you are going to have let them begin to drive at some point. Yes, this is nerve-wracking, especially knowing that the risk of vehicular accidents is highest among teenagers. While many teens will make it their whole early lives without being involved in a major accident, it is still a very good idea for you to be prepared and know what to do in case your teen gets in an accident.

Medical Visit

One of the most important things to do is to make sure your teen visits his or her doctor. Even minor car accidents can result in a variety of different injuries, some of which are easy to overlook. Concussions, whiplash, and even internal bleeding are not always noticeable, so it is best to make sure everything is okay. Usually a quick trip to the doctor’s office sometime in the day or two following an accident can help you identify whether or not there are any lasting injuries. If you get a call from your child about an accident where they sustained any sort of injuries, it could be a good idea to have them call an ambulance rather than waiting for you to arrive on the scene.

Be Calm

Car accidents are jarring experiences, and your teen is already feeling nervous about the situation. This is not the time to reprimand your child over what has just occurred. If your teen was at fault in the accident you can consider having a conversation about what occurred and how it will affect their driving privileges going forward at a later date, but it should not be your priority right after the incident has occurred. What you want to do is help him or her calm down so that he or she can clearly state everything that occurred before the accident, as they will need to provide details on this to your insurance company and the police.

Plan Ahead

It might be a good idea to think about enrolling your child in driver’s educational classes or defensive driving school. Both of these might help your child in the long run should he or she ever find themselves in an accident or with a traffic ticket. A judge may look at your teen in a positive light and take it easy on him or her. This might also save you some money with your insurance company though this is something you are going to have to discuss with the insurance company directly since each company has different policies. Whatever your situation is, taking steps to help your child learn to drive correctly and safely can help prevent an unsavory situation.

Hire Help

You need to consider hiring an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases, like Speers Reuland & Cibulskis, P.C. or a similar firm local to your area, especially if your teen suffered injuries. The cost of these types of injuries can be extremely expensive, and there is no need to be burdened down with them if someone else is responsible. The sooner you contact a professional the sooner you and your teen will be guided through this unfortunate situation.

These are just some of the things you need to do when your child suffers an accident. Hopefully, it is a minor accident, but make sure you go through at least some of these suggestions just to be safe. It might be a good idea to ask your lawyer for additional advice just in case.

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