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The Awkward Stage: How to Teach Your Kids to Own It

Every person goes through an awkward stage some time during the ages of 10-15. This is when we begin the change from children to adults. Unfortunately, this can come with some awkward feelings in kids that they may not know how to deal with. Some lucky kids get through this stage in their lives fine. They have limited blemishes or acne, their teeth stay straight, and they don’t gain weight. They remain popular with their friends and schoolmates and don’t experience the trying times that others might.

Own It

If your child is going through this awkward stage and having a hard time, there are things you can do as a parent to help them get through it more easily. Namely, you want to help your kids “own it.” Remind them that every person on earth has to go through these stages, and it is a natural and normal change.


You can also help your kids by getting them involved in activities. In school, they may be interested in one of the academic subjects such as science or math. Music, art or theater are also great ideas. Buy a paint set and a few canvases for them or if your child’s school has a theater club, choir, band or orchestra, see if they would like to join up and be in a few plays or start a musical instrument. Sports are another great option. Not only can they help your child stay fit, have fun and be social, they are a great way to get that extra energy out.


Finally, consider setting up a few doctor’s appointments for your child to put his or her mind at ease. A doctor can talk with them and explain the changes going on in their body. According to the experts that work with in both child and adult orthodontics in Phoenix, seeing an orthodontist is also an option as this is a time when braces may be a good idea to help straighten and align teeth and boost your child’s self-confidence.


Talk to your son or daughter about the changes they are experiencing. Get them involved in school activities and sports, and set up a few appointments for them to get a checkup and get their teeth checked. Tell them about your experiences, laugh about it, and remind them that it is only an awkward stage, and as it won’t last forever, they should own it while it’s here.

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