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The Best Ways To Surprise Someone On Their Birthday

If you’re looking to pull off an unforgettable surprise for an upcoming birthday, you’ll need to start with a foolproof plan. In this world of instant communication, hiding information from the would-be honoree can be tricky, particularly if you’re close to him or her. Here are a few tips that might help you formulate your plan.

Know Your Audience

First and foremost, you should cultivate a list of the person’s favorite things. Think about which activities they most enjoy, where they like to go when dining out, or places that have a special significance to them. Your plans will take on an even richer texture if the activities and locations you come up with are places that you’ve enjoyed together.

If necessary, you can enlist the aid of other friends and family members for this step. Once you’ve crafted this basic personality outline, deciding your next course of action should be a snap. You can plan the day around the things you’ve listed, stretch the fun into an entire week, or create “gift certificates” for certain activities or date nights. The goal is to make the person feel loved and appreciated—the specifics don’t matter so much.

Breakfast in Bed

Since a birthday lasts all day, why not begin it as soon as possible? If you have access to the celebrant’s bedroom, wake them with a choreographed presentation of their favorite foods, preferably while singing “Happy Birthday.” It doesn’t even have to be breakfast food—just fill the tray with whatever comestibles they love the most. Also, remember that they don’t necessarily have to eat it right away—this can just be the starting point for whatever else you have planned. The gesture is sure to put a smile on their face that will last throughout the day of fun that’s yet to come.

Road Trip

Travel is one of the best gifts you can give. It opens up new pathways, both physically and mentally; it stimulates creativity; and most importantly, it allows you to forge memories that will last a lifetime. What better way to celebrate a person’s trip around the sun than an actual trip?

To keep the excitement alive, don’t tell the honoree where you’re going. You might even want to use a blindfold for the first segment of the journey, or until you’ve nearly reached your destination. Where you go should be largely dependent on the personality profile you created earlier. You can head to a sunny beach, a ski resort nestled in the mountains, or a lakeside cabin—with or without a host of people waiting to greet you when you arrive. Your road trip can even be a journey to the gift of the birthday person! For example, say the honoree is a dog lover, and you know that they have wanted a corgi for a long time. You could totally research pembroke welsh corgi breeders near you, and drive the birthday person out to pick up their perfect birthday gift!

Going off of that idea, if the honoree doesn’t have one big present in mind that they want, you can just incorporate as many surprises as you can into the trip itself. This can be done in a thousand different ways. Stop at a seaside clam shack for lunch, browse through an antique mall or novelty gift shop and ask if they’d like to stop in for a look. Maybe find a new local diner to treat the birthday guest at for dinner, just try and give them a journey celebrating what they love. This way, you can make the journey exciting enough to be the gift, even if there is no final destination in mind.

Personalized Balloon Room

You’ve seen it in the movies: A person opens up the door to a room, only to be enveloped by colorful balloons. It’s a sweet concept, but there’s a way to make it even more special: by affixing a photograph or print to the strings of each balloon. This works best with helium-filled balloons, but you can also pull it off with ones you’ve blown up yourself.

To begin, gather a bunch of photographs that feature the birthday boy or girl throughout various life stages. Use a hole punch to make it easier to tie the photos to the strings. If time allows, you can write funny messages or anecdotes on the backs of the photos. Next, choose a room or closet to fill the balloons with. You can even put them in their car, although you shouldn’t if you’re using helium balloons. The whole experience will take the recipient on a trip down memory lane, allowing them to celebrate the life that’s moving forward.

Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated on their special day. The time and effort that you put into orchestrating your surprise is sure to show them just how much they mean to you.

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