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The Comfort of Home Fits in Your Hand

Ever walk into a public restroom after eating a delicious bowl of chili and find there is no toilet paper? A decision is to be made right then and there, can I wait until I get home or will there be trouble on the way? With a portable bidet you can eliminate that hard decision and go as needed.

A bidet is a device that uses a small stream of water to clean the genital area after using the restroom. Bidets come in many different forms. The traditional bidet is a standalone device that sits beside the toilet. This is the type of bidet you’re most likely to encounter in foreign countries. The more modern attachable bidet can be attached directly to the toilet seat. This allows the user to clean up right after using the restroom, without having to transfer to a separate bidet. One of the most recent advances in bidets is the portable bidet. This handheld device can be used anywhere.

If you travel a lot, the portable bidet could be a wonderful addition to your travel gear. There are many places on the road where this device will give you peace of mind, and provide a much cleaner feeling than other available options. In fact, even individuals who don’t traditionally use a bidet can enjoy the benefits that a portable bidet offers when travelling. If you travel by car, you’re limited to the restroom at rest stops, gas stations, and fast food restaurants. These can be dirty at best, and often have no toilet paper at all. The bidet will help you clean up without actually touching anything.

Don’t Chance Public Restrooms Again

  • Never run out of toilet paper
  • Refilling is a simple snap
  • Soothing stream of water
  • Eliminates more bacteria than toilet paper
  • Quicker and easier then toilet paper

If you prefer to fly, you’ve probably found that the bathroom available in the airplane is extremely cramped and uncomfortable. The toilet often becomes clogged with toilet paper. You can avoid adding to the mess and make cleaning up much simpler with your portable bidet. This device will help you quickly clean up with water instead of paper. You’ll feel just as clean, if not more so, and there’s much less mess left behind in the bathroom. The bidet reduces your paper waste everywhere you go. It has both an anterior and posterior nozzle to clean up in any situation.

The portable bidet is extremely small and easy to carry along. It measures just 2.2-inches wide, 2.6-inches long, and 6-inches tall. With the nozzle extended, it reaches a length of 13 inches. Traveling can be stressful, but the portable bidet allows you to take all the sanitary features of a bathroom along in your bag. Add a small package of tissues for drying off, and antibacterial soap or wipes for your hands and you can travel with confidence, knowing that you’ll be clean and fresh in any country in the world, no matter what the state of the restrooms may be.

Jason Han works for a leading advanced bidet toilet seat distributor in U.S.

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