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The Company We Keep: Teaching Teens to Deal with Negative Influences

When your teen is exposed to negative influences, you may want to lock him or her in the house. A better strategy is to use positive influences and alternative activities in place of the negative influences. These four tips will help you to help your teenage child.

Instilling Confidence

Many teens take on risky behaviors because they do not have enough confidence in themselves and whom they are. Encourage your child and speak to his or her strengths. Be a positive influence on your child’s life. Do your best to redirect your child when he or she expresses negative self-thoughts. Consider spending time as a family with other like-minded families.

Providing New Activities

Learn about which places and activities are exposing your child to negative influences. If your child is constantly bullied at basketball, consider an alternative activity. When a teen is spending a lot of free time hanging out with other teens who have poor behavior, provide your child with positive alternate options, such as a new membership to a rock climbing wall or an after-school art class. Having better things to do than hang out with unsavory characters will be better for both of you.

Troubling Times

If your child succumbs to a negative influence, he or she may be facing legal charges. Professionals, like those at Mesenbourg & Sarratori Law Offices, know that having the proper representation is paramount to protecting protect your rights. A lawyer can also represent your child in court. Even if your teenager is not facing legal charges, a conversation with a lawyer who represents juveniles in court may offer some sage advice so that your teen will avoid negative influences. A lawyer can also help your family to set boundaries, such as limiting contact with other teens who are in trouble with the law.

Engaging in Daily Conversations

Engage your teenager in daily conversations. Find something that your child is passionate about, such as painting ceramics or playing soccer. Focus on those conversations and learn more about what your child loves. Be sure to ask about your child’s friends and what they are up to, because this will give you key information and advanced notice of a potential problem.

Parenting teenagers is a challenge. The time that you spend with your teen can be used in a positive way. Teaching your teen how to deal with negative influences now will set him or her up for a lifetime of success in dealing with other challenging personalities in the future.

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