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The Do’s & Don’ts to Know When It Comes to Your Child’s Orthodontic Care

Braces are a huge benefit for children! They straighten their teeth to enhance their appearance. When their teeth are straight and not overlapping, their mouth will be better able to function. It’s easier to chew food and brushing their teeth is easier because your child can access the entire surface of their teeth instead of not reaching areas that are hidden. Keep in mind a few things that you should and shouldn’t do when orthodontics are involved.

Provide Extra Care

It’s important for them to keep their teeth clean. However, when your child has braces, you need to encourage extra care. Your child should brush around the brackets, using special flossers to get behind the wire to clean their teeth. A toothbrush with softer bristles is usually best for cleaning instead of one that has harder bristles. Use a gentle mouthwash as well.

Keep Orthodontist Appointments

Appointments should be made often—about once a month—with an orthodontist so that the doctor can examine their teeth, wires, and brackets to ensure that nothing is broken and that their teeth are shifting properly. The orthodontist will usually change the bands around the brackets and sometimes tighten the wires when their teeth begin shifting. You can get a small pack of orthodontic wax for your child to use on the back teeth when new wires are used because they could poke the gums until they are naturally filed down.

Avoid Certain Foods

There are a few foods that your child shouldn’t eat with braces. Avoid anything sticky as well as foods that are too crunchy. Your child should also avoid a lot of sodas. The orthodontist will give you a list of foods that are acceptable and those that should be avoided. It’s important to follow this list so that the brackets aren’t broken. Your child should also avoid chewing on other items like erasers and the pen ends, especially in school, as these can break the brackets as well.

Don’t Risk Damage

If your child plays sports, ask your family’s orthodontist for some kind of mouth guard. Don’t take off the bands around the brackets as the metal can cut into the gums. Your child should be careful while playing, especially with other kids, so as not to damage their braces.

If your child has teeth that aren’t straight, then orthodontic care can help. Talk to your child about the responsibility that comes with braces. An orthodontist, like those at Williams Landing Dental Clinic, can offer a few solutions if traditional brackets aren’t the best option and can answer questions that you might have about orthodontic treatment.

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