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The Holiday Season Bucket List: 4 Fun Activities for the Whole Family

There’s nothing like the boredom of small children to ring in the holiday season. Instead of letting them kick their heels on the couch, however, you might consider getting them involved with fun, engaging activities that the whole family will enjoy. Here are just a few ways to bring some holiday cheer into your home.


The best things about Halloween are the costumes and decorations, so you can really embrace the spirit of the holiday by creating your own goodies instead of buying everything from the store. Think about things like homemade masks made out of paper plates and hanging bats cut out of construction paper. You might also consider painting your pumpkins instead of carving them. This will allow even your smallest children to get in on the action without the risk of accidents.


There’s more to Thanksgiving than food, and you can teach this lesson by organizing a donation drive with your family. Start by choosing a charity together that you all agree could use the help. Then have everyone go through the kitchen cupboards for canned goods or their personal closets for unwanted clothes. Don’t worry about the size of your donation pile. It’s not a contest. You just want your children to understand the real meaning of gratitude and generosity.


Don’t let your family skip any important days on the Hanukkah calendar. Plan for something special every night of the holiday, even if it’s just enjoying latkes in front of the fire or inventing new games to play with a dreidel. This is your chance for family togetherness, so take advantage of the eight nights of Hanukkah. That’s eight opportunities to grow closer with your children and make memories together that will last a lifetime.


Your kids are probably used to things like wreath-making and tree-decorating, so try something different this year by shepherding all of the little ones into the kitchen. Holiday sugar cookies are easy to make and even easier to get goofy with, so the sky is the limit. Your tiniest tots can help you make frosting decisions while your older children can assist with whipping the batter and cutting the shapes. Everyone will partake in the taste-testing, of course.

These are just a few ways to keep your family occupied from the early days of fall to the deep throes of winter. While there are endless ideas and activities for holiday fun, these should be enough to get your brain thinking and planning in the right direction.

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