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The Most Common Phobias Most Children Will Experience At Some Point And How To Help

As children grow and develop, it can become common to face phobias that make have fear with different experiences. Children have a natural need for safety and security, making a discomfort and the unknown difficult for them to endure. There are a number of common phobias that most children experience at different ages, as well as a few ways to treat the problems.

The Dark

When it’s time to turn the lights out and go to bed, children can become fearful of the dark. From fearing monsters under the bed to ghosts in the closet, they may find it difficult to be left alone in their room. Provide a nightlight that offers illumination and consider reading them a bedtime story to help them relax.

Loud Animals

It’s common for children to fear loud animals, particularly barking dogs in the neighborhood. Allow your child to become exposed to friendly and safe dogs to provide them with a sense of security with the animals instead of limiting their contact. Even if you don’t own pets, it’s important that they feel comfortable around animals when the encounter them at friends’ homes, at the park or anywhere else.

The Dentist

One of the scariest places for children is the dentist, which can be uncomfortable with the loud drilling noises and a stranger in a mask. Opt for taking them to a child-friendly dentist who can make them feel comfortable and will make conversation. The dentist will also likely have toys, magazines, and fun decor in the office. Dr. Brian Yim teaches both parents and kids proper dental hygiene for all ages, and it’s important to find a dentist that is friendly with children and makes them feel comfortable.

Getting Shots

Children can fear getting shots due to the pain and discomfort that is involved. Enhance their confidence by telling them how strong they truly are and by rewarding their efforts after getting the shot. If an older sibling is due for shots and is more calm, let your child watch them getting their shots to understand that it isn’t so bad.

Scary Movies

Children may run for cover when a scary movie or commercial comes on the television. Help them with their fear by showing them photos of the actors who were paid to appear in the movie, as well as the makeup and props that were involved. Explain the logistics behind the movie to help them feel more comfortable. Be sure that your kids aren’t watching movies that are inappropriate for their age, making watching movies scarier than it has to be.

Bad Weather

Heavy rain, wind, and thunder can make it difficult for children to feel safe and secure in their homes. Although they may fear bad weather, opt for turning it into a fun experience by building a fort in the living room, having a movie marathon, or baking sweet treats to enjoy while inside.

Although children all face the same type of phobias as they develop, it’s important to help them with their fear by turning it into a positive experience. Have patience and offer emotional support to ensure that they overcome the phobia and develop properly.

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