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The Terrible Teens: Five Priceless Pieces of Advice that Every Parent Needs

Most parents forget what it was like to be a teenager by the time their children reach the difficult age bracket. It is a time for pushing boundaries and struggling with doing the right thing. The best way to get through this time as a parent is to heed the advice necessary to help your child make the right decisions in life.

Got a teen? Here are some priceless pieces of advice they need to hear.

Get To Know Their Friends and Other Parents

Be casual about interactions with their close friends by inviting them or their parents to share family dinner. Extending friendship helps open up communication to establish mutual respect and trust. Get to know the type of people their friends are, and the values of the family they come from.

Talk About Important Issues

Parents are responsible for educating on issues and consequences that face their children. Most teenagers do not take such issues seriously until tragedy strikes. Unprotected sex can cause disease or pregnancy that alter the entire life at a young age. Distracted driving is an epidemic that continues to take away lives in the technology age. It’s important for them to understand the seriousness of fees and fines associated with the consequences of distracted driving, suggests professionals at David E. Cook.

Set Limitations, But Be Fair About It

Every minor should have a strict curfew and be required to check-in periodically when away from home. Allow an opportunity to let the teen demonstrate that they can be trusted, but be sure to do it in a safe way. An accident, kidnapping, or other serious incident may not be discovered immediately if there is not an established rule for timely communication.

Expect Slip-Ups And Learn To Deal With Negative Situations

Be very clear about all set rules, and the consequences that come from breaking them. Always be firm in enforcing punishment, and don’t play into excuses or guilt. Everyone makes mistakes and the teenage years are the best time to get the experience of how to handle it from both perspectives.

Don’t Be So Quick To Nitpick

Anger and frustration lead to snap decisions that could have been handled better after time and consideration. Punishing things like being 15 minutes past curfew or leaving dirty clothes on the floor should not be treated the same as not checking in or getting a traffic violation. Choose the battles with a teenager wisely.

Dealing with a teenager can be simple with the right type of parenting advice. There is such thing as being too lenient or too harsh on a teen. Don’t forget that a little bit of reasoning and respect goes a long way with a young adult.

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