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The Top 5 Reasons You Want Your Kids to Head to College

College is becoming a necessity in today’s job market. So many jobs require applicants to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. While that is a good reason to go to college, it isn’t the only reason. Your kids have the potential to benefit from a college education in multiple ways.


Your kids will learn independence once they’ve been at college for a few months. They won’t have you to wake them up in the morning, remind them to do their homework, or manage their diets for them. They will have to learn to rely on themselves in order to get their daily tasks done.


College campuses are full of activities that students can get invested in. It’s easy to get inspired when there are so many opportunities right outside your kid’s dorm building. Colleges frequently host job fairs, free lectures from visiting speakers, and cultural events that can inspire your child to explore their potential.

Social Skills

Many teens don’t develop their social skills in high school because it’s easier to avoid social situations than it is in college. Living in a dorm room with their peers, working on group projects, and eating in the dining hall are all activities that your kids won’t be able to avoid if they’re feeling shy or anxious. These necessary situations will get them to come out of their shells, and their social skills will improve before they realize it.

Money Management Skills

Students living on campus are under a moderate amount of supervision from resident assistants and resident directors, but they are still living on their own. They are now responsible for ensuring that their tuition is paid on time, managing their student loan funds, re-loading their meal cards, and buying groceries and school supplies. Sending your kid to college will give them the opportunity to learn how to manage their finances without your supervision.

Career Preparation

Students are assigned an adviser based on what subject they are majoring in. They can provide references for jobs after graduation, and they can also keep your kid informed of any internships they might benefit from. For instance, if an adviser notices that a student is doing well in their tutoring position, they may advise the student to pursue a master’s degree in education.

College can open up all kinds of doors for motivated students. College is expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment in your child’s future. The lessons they learn and the contacts they make there will help lay the groundwork for the rest of their life.

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