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The Top College Degrees You Want Your Kids to Pursue

the-top-college-degrees-you-want-your-kids-to-pursueAs a parent, you always want to do everything possible to help your children succeed. When they leave the nest and head off to college, it is natural to be anxious about how they will fare. One of the best ways to help your kids when they go to college is to encourage them to major in something that will allow them to become successful when they graduate. Here are the top college degrees you should encourage your children to pursue to achieve success.


The healthcare industry keeps growing larger. It is one field that you know will always have a demand for skilled workers. Encouraging your child to major in nursing is a wonderful idea. Not only will nursing majors be well compensated in their jobs, but they will be able to feel good about making a positive impact on the world with their career choice.


The rise of information technology means that there are massive amounts of data being generated today. This data needs people who are good with statistics to make sense of it all. Statistics majors can find employment in both the public and private sectors, and they will be paid handsomely for their knowledge.


Business majors will always be in demand in the corporate world. The entrepreneurial leadership and communication skills that students attain while studying business are very valuable. A business major will be able to greatly increase their earning power if they go on to get an MBA. Learn more here about how getting an MBA can benefit your child’s future.

Software Engineering

This is another job that will always be in demand thanks to our world that is ruled by information technology. Software engineers should never have trouble finding a job especially with a degree in software engineering. Employees greatly value software engineers with degrees because they learn business and communication skills that many of their counterparts without degrees lack.


Many folks disparage people who pursue an English major, but in fact this is one of the most valuable majors. An English major learns how to think critically, and critical thinking skills are always in demand. English majors can pursue anything they put their minds to, including careers like medicine, law, publishing and journalism.

No matter what your child decides to major in, they will become successful if they study hard and take advantage of their learning opportunities. Encourage them to select one of these majors, but make sure you support them in whichever path they wish to pursue. Your support will help them to thrive in school and when they graduate.

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